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Today is one of those days when I was ready to take the plunge and download myself some Minecraft. Yeah I know its not the PC version and I'm sure it has about a million features missing, but I wanted a go.

I was a couple of hundred points short at the beginning of the day, but I saw a deal on GAME where I get 240MSP free with BioShock Infinite.

I was rather chuffed and thought POW! Minecraft shall be mine. An e-mail with a code for 240 points later and the image you see above appears.

I couldn't believe it. This isn't the first time this has ever happened to me and sure it wont be the last either. I frantically do the 20MSP survey on the rewards site in vein as I know I wont be getting the points any time soon.

So I thought I'd just share my little roller coaster of an evening with you all. If only I could be donated 20MSP sigh.

UPDATE: I have been saved from an evening of terrible TV.

A massive thank you to Baillie, helping me out in my hour of need and allowing me to hit all manor of things with a pixelated pickaxe :)

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Double bad news, they roll out points by the 100s. So you need to get 100 points stacked up in rewards before they send them to your account.

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If you sign up to the rewards program, they send you 20 MSP as a birthday gift.

Yes, they give you 25c as a 'gift.'

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This has happened to me more than once. I hope they get rid of it on the next system.

It really seems pointless. Hah!

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I have 20 points in my account, great.

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Word is that straight up currency is the currency of the nextbox, so at least this won't happen much longer? Just play Infinite while you wait, good stuff that.

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I thought I got like 400msp (dead rising prequel dlc) once all from bing searches.

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@aishan: They may give you 20msp points as a gift, but you need to have been rewarded at least 100msp to receive any of it.

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@baillie said:

@aishan: They may give you 20msp points as a gift, but you need to have been rewarded at least 100msp to receive any of it.

You can also do monthly questionnaires for 20 points a pop. It's not hard to get to 100. I've made like 400 free through

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I wish I could give you the 20 points I got for my birthday.

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Cursed MSP has been a bane since it began, even Nintendo now allows you to use straight up money.

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Use Bing Rewards to get some more points! You can get 100 MS points for 125 "Bing" points in like a week. 30 searches gets you 15 points (per day), and I think you get like 50 for just signing up.

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@starfoxa: Hey, I did check out Bing rewards, but unfortunately its not for my region :(

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I have had 40 points on my account for more than 3 years now. I can't bring myself to buy a stupid shirt for my avatar or something to get rid of it so it is still there.