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I remember once, in a giantbomb cast, hearing the guys talking about buying a new telly - then Brad or Vinny mentioned a website that they said they wouldn't buy a tv without consulting with first for comparisons etc. I remember at the time thinking 'I better write that down, as I need a site like that at the minute' and then of course never did.

I've been back through a few old bombcasts to see if I could find the site, but no joy. Can anyone remember what they said? Or perhaps know a decent site that is good for this? It's a sea of tellies out there - and I don't have a clue.

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I used cnet when I was shopping for my TV last year.

Also, I wish you the best of luck. It's a dark quest you are about to take upon yourself in researching for a good TV. There's a lot of outdated and conflicting information out there. Best advice I would give is make sure you find out how glassy the tv's screen is. My TV was perfect in every way but I ignored that it had a very glossy finish to it and the thing is nigh unwatchable most of the time as the slightest light in my room reflects everything onto it and washes it out. It also makes playing games crazy annoying if it's like the PS3 and it has a bright LED at the top of the controller as it always shows up on the screen. That giant PS4 light on the controller is going to be a god damn nightmare on this TV should I ever play one.

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@korpers: Yeah, I know the pain of finding reviews that are clearly not advertisements. You can try http://www.trustedreviews.com/tvs or CNet. Pro-trip, generally don't buy a television on day after Thanksgiving or around Christmas. Many of these models, though they seem like a good deal, are really just low end models put out only for the holidays and quick turnover. Wait until mid to late January or February.

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