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Well. I don't know how much this is news. But ah, I just read GameInformer [site]. John Keen, lead designer for both Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3, left in February. Game Informer: Report: Watch Dogs And Far Cry 3 Lead Leaves Ubisoft To Rejoin EA

I know most everyone hates EA. ~ I don't. But dammit, they can't seem to catch a break. And I'm not sure what nex-gen is gonna mean, for them, project wise. I would of hope they put this guy on the Mercs 3 team, but as you can see there, Need For Speed. That's it really. What do you guys really want from Next-Gen, Need for Speed?

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RIP John Keen

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Well, didn't see that one coming.

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So.. I hope this doesn't mean anything bad for Watch Dogs.

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Really? The lead for Watch Dogs and FAR CRY 3? Really?

That's strange. And to EA?! Dayumn.

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He'll be out of a job when his next game fails to sell 8.4 million copies to "break even".