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I give up scrubbing through the podcasts. I've been messing with them for past hour and in that time I could have just fully listened to one, so I'll just ask you guys:

They mentioned a movie where some dude was a VFX guy in movies and basically sunk into doing the effects for Italian horror movies, slowly driving him mad. I cannot remember who the actor they were talking about was, nor the title of the film, but it sounded exceedingly interesting to me. Anyone remember the film, what podcast it was in, and/or the timestamp?

Thank you.

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Thank you, I'm pretty sure that's it. Thank you very kindly.

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@dark_swordmaster: Wasn't me that mentioned it; maybe ask Alex if the one mentioned above isn't it!

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It is Berberian Sound Studio! I remember Alex talking about it because it came out here in the UK well over a year ago and I saw it then. It's super memorable and really crazy. Really worth watching!