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Hello guys, 
I just wanted to thank the people that I know visited my blog from the posts on this site, I really appreciate having taken the time to check it out. I wanted to let you guys know that there have been a couple of new entries added to the blog for your enjoyment so please check it out at http://videogameanecdotes.blogspot.com/ and don't forget to leave comments. I think it's awesome that you guys are checking it out as I think the Giant Bomb community is one of the best out there and I really hope I can keep entertaining you folks.
Once again thank you and enjoy!

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You can't get your own community so you have to try and steal GB's? Pathetic dude.

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@ShadowSkill11 said:

You can't get your own community so you have to try and steal GB's? Pathetic dude.

Dude, calm down. I'm not usually completely into the idea of people positing their sites here and just asking for us to go there, but most of this post is this user thanking the people here who've visited they're site and complimenting the community. On top of that they're not trying to "steal" anything, they just want some people to read and comment on the things they've written.
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@ShadowSkill11: Sorry if my post bothered you ShadowSkill. Keep in mind that I cannot steal a community when I am not offering them the same thing they would get from this website. Is this the only site you follow? I doubt it. Does that mean that you have been stolen from another community or that this community has been stolen of you? I also doubt that. With my blog, I simply try to offer something else for the users here to enjoy, not a replacement for it.