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I am pretty sure I am going to wait on getting a next gen console right away as i have about a list of over 60 games to play anyway. I think it might be better anyway even though I am excited for what comes next. I was thinking of waiting until 2015 before I got one just so the lineup is bigger and in case either steam box is good or in case the consoles somehow fail.

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I'm buying day 1. Even if I had the money for a gaming PC, the games I want are on consoles, and my friends. No amount of money building a monster pc is gonna fix the games I want. ~ Like the only thing I would want on PC is like GuildWars 2, and Planetside 2. And those 2 games won't have my friends in it.

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I know I probably should wait for a bit, but I've never got a console at launch before, and I'm quite excited to buy day one. This is if they actually look like they'll be good.

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Im buying Day 1. I could afford to get a high end PC right now but im waiting for consoles.

The majority of the best games that we see for years to come will come will be console focused.

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I'm excited for PS4 and Steambox. I'll probably get both on day 1