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I've gone back to college, studying computer science. I'm taking a web services class. So I've decided to start building a website to start making a portfolio.

Unfortunately, my class has no information on how to actually find a good host or where to start publishing. Can you guys help me out and point me in the right direction?

Much thanks~

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I use A Small Orange. They are really affordable and have great customer service.

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Whatever you go with, make sure it's not Go Daddy. They make Satan's Baby-Murder Web Hosting seem reasonable by comparison.

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Right on.

Thanks guys.

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Tripod.com or angelfire.com

GeoCities no longer exist otherwise I would have recommended that. I can't believe the other 2 still exist. Shit, I am shocked Lycos still exists.

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I'm trying out cloudaccess.net right now seems like a pretty good service for Joomla hosting, they aren't cheap though, overkill for a blog but if you are doing it to learn web development it may be worthwhile.