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Warhammer  Online 2 years anniversary 
Skaven are coming :D  

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Always good to hear WAR is still going, might have to jump back in. Also always good to see Paul Barnett and Carrie.
Kind of seems wrong to give both factions Skaven, where's the Lizardmen to balance it out?

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Hell ya there still around. Hope they make it to 5.

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I just started playing cause someone gave me a month...have to say I'm really enjoying my DoK. 
Considering one of my prized possessions is a liber chaotica its hardly surprising that I'm enjoying myself really.

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 If someone want to come back, send me a PM with your email, i can reactivate your old account for 10 days thanks to the "Recruit a Friend" option :)

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Say waaaaaat?!