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Check out this link.

Well at least imitation is the highest form of flattery :P  I have to say, well done, Giantbomb, for bringing new ideas to the table that are cool enough to attract the attention of other large sites.

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Well, I mean, yeah, Giantbomb does it. But for the most part it does it through achievements. This apparently does more?
And it isn't exactly a revolutionary idea. Really it's just a logical step.

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If I had a bunch of random people I don't know in real life on my friends lists, and needed to talk to them outside of the game, I'd totally use it. Though in real life, I'll just text em. If it's free, or less than five bucks, I'll try it out.

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@Brendan said:

Well at least imitation is the highest form of flattery :P

Or, in this case, the highest form of embarrassment for GameSpot. It'd be like if you kept losing to the rival in Pokemon Red/Blue, so you decided to copy their party fairly closely.
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Everyone copies everyone else in this industry, that is why you read the exact same stories on every major site, because they all copy from eachother then present it as their own. If you want to get technical then you could say Gamespot is going ahead with an idea that Giantbomb did first but guess what? Giantbomb could then be accused of copying Gamespot and IGN by even setting up a website that reports and reviews video games in the first place. One day you are the thief, the next day you are the victim and the cycle continues. Get used to it folks because it isn't changing anytime soon.
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This was meant to be lighthearted, as clearly we all have the basic sense that you just described already.  Take it for what it is, man.
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I sort of agree with the sentiment, but the APIs are out there for people to use, and the aggregation of usage statistics seems an excellent use for them. Besides, this seems to be tied in with a desktop app, and seems more like a broader version of the built-in Steam IM client.
If it's any consolation, I don't see the service becoming big enough to be of any note. These sorts of things come and go all the time, especially when they're tied to Gamespot, it seems (not a slight against the site, just observation based on the past, with services like their download client).

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don't we already have this and no one really uses it? Xfire?

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I hate these spam services who wants to read about your trophies? Nobody!

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@Valiom: Ah, yes! Xfire! I was trying desperately to remember what that service was called. I remembered "fire" something. Kept searching for Game Fire.
That's pretty much what this is. Just an evolution of that (maybe two steps forward and one step back).
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this kind of stuff seems to already been made. i kind of am suspicious about how it says adware and spyware free right there lol. good for them for making something new. it kind of seems like xfire. it is what i first thought of when i saw it. it's Xfire rip off. who knows if it is going to be good or not.

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Doesn't make me want to resign up or anything, I'm staying here. Viva la Jeff, i remember that day.