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What current xbox franchise could you do without making it to next gen?? (91 votes)

Halo 21%
Gears of War 45%
Forza 18%
Project Gotham Racing 47%
Fable 46%
Banjo-Kazooie 27%
Perfect Dark 45%
Conker series 32%

So I'm making this as a follow up to my sony poll. Personally with the exception of borrowing a friend's 360 for two months like 5 years ago I've never played a lot of Xbox games. Trying to make this list was more difficult than the sony one because Microsoft has seemed to want to the go to system for third party games rather than exclusives. Anyway once again on this list especially I probably missed a noticeable series for which I apologize or included unnecessary ones (which I did so I could make the list more comparable to the sony one). But anyway here you go I'll also make it multiple options so you guys can spread the love.

Out of all of them I'd probably pick Project Gotham Racing, played it a bit seemed super basic and Forza is their big car game right? But really other than Halo, Banjo and Conker get new IP dudes.

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Halo, Gears, Fable; At first they were the only reasons I got an Xbox, now I just don't care anymore and have no desire to play any future games from those franchises

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Well the Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie and Conker series are dead already seeing how Rare don't make games no more, and whoever remains in that withered husk probably couldn't even if we begged them to.

I'm fine with a few more Halo games. I felt done after Halo 3 and didn't buy ODST. But then Reach was good... and Halo 4 too, although I never ended up buying it. So I can see it getting some new life on the next gen. Still plenty of room for new stories in the way Spartan Ops has shown. I'm actually watching that one for the cut-scenes alone. Who would have thunk it.

Fable seems like something we should probably not try to revive.

As for PGR and Forza... I think we could do without PGR. Honestly forgot nr 4 was even released and had to go back and check it. Forza appears well liked and should transfer well, as car games are wont to to do, so bring it along.

But I really think that above all we should let Gears of War rest in peace. It had a great run, game play has been thoroughly explored, as has its story. I always felt Judgement was too much of a milking project for me, let alone a full sequel or (shudder) a spin-off trilogy kicking of with Judgement.

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Gears of War by far. I have absolutely no desire to play Judgment whatsoever, and I barely made it through Gears of War 3 before becoming completely bored with it. Gears of War was a revolutionary game, a game I consider to be the first truly "next-gen" game of this generation, but it has overstayed its welcome with me.

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Whoa, eye-opening. The only two I didn't select were Halo and Forza. And Xbox is currently my console of choice @.@

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ALL OF THEM though games like Banjo-Kazooie and Conker do have more potential for creativity than any other on that list.

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All of them.

I love Halo 1-3. Fantastic games. While ODST-4 were very good, none of them recaptured that same "this is amazing" feeling that I got from the original trilogy. I have also enjoyed Gears, Forza, and PGR but I don't feel a great desire for new entries to any of those franchises. I never cared for those latter four at all.

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All of them except Halo.

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I want to believe that Fable still has a chance to be good next gen. Fable 1 and 2 were good games, it only started becoming bad recently. Gears of War I think needs to be put to rest. I just don't see much story potential anymore with all the books/comics/games now. I love the trilogy and I will probably buy Judgement but we really don't need anymore games after that.

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You forgot


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Considering there hasnt been a good Fable game yet ill go with that.

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Fable for sure. I've got high hopes for Halo on next-gen consoles, Halo 4 looked really impressive running on 7 year old hardware, the story might not be as good as Halo CE-3 but, Master Chief is still a character I can get invested in. I love the Gears of War franchise but I think that if Epic isn't going to handle development of the games anymore it should be shut down as a franchise. I'll probably still get Judgment, but that game doesn't do much for me based off the trailers.

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Fable... I liked 2, then never got around to playing 3... Still have a sealed copy of it here somewhere.

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Gears of War as after this new one comes out I don't need to play this series for a long time.

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I wouldn't mind more Halo games on the next generation, as long as they do something to keep them fresh. Most of all I just want to see what 343 could achieve on a technical level with new hardware, since Halo 4 looked pretty damn awesome. A new Banjo-Kazooie game would be okay too, but I'd rather see Rare make something entirely new, if they still have it in them.

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Perfect Dark, actually all those Rare titles are already dead.

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Everyone that said Banjo and Conker are bad people. Those are two IPs that I want to come back but I know wont. Halo and Gears are awesome. I could live without PGR and Fable. Overall, I like Xbox's franchise more than Sony's.

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You actually want a new Conker? Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Conker's Bad Fur Day, but that game was pretty specific to a time that has long since passed. There just isn't the same glut of 3D platformers to lampoon.

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Halo and Forza are the only ones I think need to be there next gen.

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Halo and Forza are the only ones I think need to be there next gen.

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Everything except Forza. I've enjoyed Fable, but I can live without it. And Gears feels really done. The rest I simply don't like.

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I would love to see Banjo Kazooie and Conker come back, just not on the next Xbox

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I would love to see Banjo Kazooie and Conker come back, just not on the next Xbox

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The only one I really care about is Forza. Maybe Halo. Completely burnt out on everything else. Give us some new franchises

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All of them. As much as I love Gears I do think a break would do it some good and I other than the Pendulum Wars there really isn't much left to explore at this point.

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There are too many throwaways in that list for this to make a very interesting question. Also, this: @The_Grindilow

The only one I really care about is Forza. Maybe Halo. Completely burnt out on everything else. Give us some new franchises

Surprises me. At least, compared to the alternatives. I love Forza so much it hurts, but compared to Microsoft's other flagship franchises, Forza 4 was a bit lacking on the innovation side as sequels go. Maybe I'm crazy, though. :P