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So I just upgraded from my 46" LCD from 2009 to a Samsung 46ue5300. Now both are 46", both are LCD, though the new one is led, and both are 60hz. So why did I upgrade? You guessed it, input lag. When I bought my Sony in 2010 I did not realize that input lag was I thing, I though that a good response time was enough for a good gaming experience, but after doing research I realized that the model I had bought though a very solid TV had some of the worst input lag in its range at something like .44ms. The TV I bought today is nearly half that at .23, so I just wanted to know, because I'm not an expert, is this all right? I can feel the difference, but I have 90 days to take the TV back if I want to.

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Not a lot of TVs right now go under the 20ms mark, so yes, 23ms is very very good. But 44ms isn't actually terrible since some TVs go up to 70s and higher.

Edit: That obviously also depends on the type of games you play. FPS and fighting game hardcore fans would probably argue that 44 is actually terrible.

EditEditEdit: Here's a small list from CNET with some TVs input lag. They've only started taking it into account recently so it's not necessarily complete but it gives you an idea.

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I'm not sure I understand here. Are you actually saying .23ms and .44ms (with a decimal)? It's what I'm seeing, but that seems incredibly low. Generally, anything below 10ms is considered acceptable. I have a PC monitor that is 5ms, and it has never been an issue. I just got a new 42in LG that also has a 5ms response time, and it has been great for twitch games like shooters. Plasmas have response times considerable quicker than LCDs down to the fractions of milliseconds, .001ms, for example, but there is no way you're going to notice a difference between .70, .44, .23, and .20 milliseconds. If you're talking 20, 23, 44, and 70 milliseconds, without the decimal, then those are all actually higher than I would recommend, but anything below 1ms is going to be an indistinguishable difference in terms of actual application. In this case, gaming. Most LCD PC monitors don't even have response times lower than 1ms, at least not on Newegg and Amazon. Point me to some if they are actually out there, because I've never seen any.

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@tyrrael: I'm sure he meant without the decimal. I'm talking without decimal myself but saw him type it that way and did it too :P I'll edit that.

I doubt there's any TV out there that goes under 1ms.

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Load up Street Fighter 3 and do a light punch with Ryu, if you can't sense any input lag then you're good.
It's important to remember every game is different so if you do suffer from input lag it might just be the game, recent examples of the horrid lag are anything made by Naughty Dog.

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For info I mainly play shooters competitively, Halo, and Battlefield. But thanks for the info guys.

By the was I did mean 44ms and 23ms.