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I have a live stream that I am quite active on. I am in the process of getting suggestions from people (my target audience I would assume, cats might not get the horror genre that much.) But I want to do games that people have interest in. This is an attempt to jump my user base, might put in a draw for a copy of a game up to X amount of money (Probably 20-30 dollars) after X amount of viewers/subscribers, I know 666 over the month is not viable, but suitable for the theme, might make it 333 subscribers over the month of October. I am unsure yet.

The plan is to play through the games starting from number 1 on the list to the bottom (or as far as October 31st takes me) for about 1-2 hours per night when I can, attempting to make a regular schedule.

The list of games I have at my disposal is as follows:

  • Alan Wake
  • Amnesia
  • I Am Alive
  • LIMBO (Does that even count? I have never played it, nor even installed it, I don't know if it is actually a viable "horror" themed game.)

I will definitely consider other options, but these are ones I have not played, most of my interest in this list goes to Alan Wake and I Am Alive, I will play Amnesia, but it is overdone. Dead Space is my favourite series in a long time but I own it on Xbox and don't feel the investment is adequate for me to buy the equipment for my Xbox to be able to stream, for just one month of use.

I have created a poll here.

Please post here the alternative options if you would like to see something else. I have no interest in Slender.

Stream is at http://twitch.tv/creegz. YouTube channel is in the works. Twitter is @CreegzSC

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A text adventure. Like zork, no one ever streams/lets plays text adventures.

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@Dagbiker said:

A text adventure. Like zork, no one ever streams/lets plays text adventures.

This is also a great outlet for audience input.

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That is actually a great idea.

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@Creigz: Np.

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Despite being a 2D side scroller, the demo I played of Limbo seemed like it could be creepy.

Anyway, Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame (one of them, don't know much about the series), Condemned, and System Shock 2.

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There's a million streams of horror games out there. I say go with @Dagbiker's idea.

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Read a "choose your own adventure" book out loud. Get viewers to vote on which page to turn to.

Bonus points if you read in the nude.

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Some times streaming is harder on the man then the woman.

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Call of Duty Black Ops yo that gmae is the shit yo

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@Sploder said:

Call of Duty Black Ops yo that gmae is the shit yo

I hear its way better then Borderlands 2.

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please dont
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don't worry, I never will.