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It's all about the isometric loot fests. I'm a sucker for any kind of progression system in single player games, but loot's got me by the balls. ALL THE ARROWS NEED TO BE GREEN AND POINTING UP. ALL OF THEM.

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Hi-resolution retro 3D first person isometric dungeon crawlers.

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F. Turn based Strategy.

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3D third person. Just this year, we got Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, and Darksiders II.
But if you're not talking about action RPG's, 16 bit sprites sure do keep their charm.

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3D Third person Action RPGs.

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Hi-resolution retro 3D first person isometric dungeon crawlers.

What the Empress said.

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I game it to Retro. Although I've played & spent hundreds more hours in 3D third & first person RPG's I've historically had more fun with 8 & 16-bit ones. I don't know why.

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The kind from Japan.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Hi-resolution retro 3D first person isometric dungeon crawlers.

What the Empress said.


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F. Turn based Strategy.

No turn-based love in this poll.

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I said first person, but I dunno. Good ones?

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That's lazy.
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No preference

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@Video_Game_King: You heard me!

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F. Turn based Strategy.

Mhm. I don't play a lot of RPGs, but I like SRPGs best. I guess most of them are isometric and/or 2D.

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That's lazy.
Everything one types on an iPhone is lazy. That said, I really don't have a huge preference for any of them. I like them all, which makes it nightmarishly hard to ever actually finish RPGs.
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Skyrim style games are my fav. I also really like old school RPGs like the old ff's and golden sun.

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The kind where I roll for THAC0 or some thinly veiled equivalent, usually in a first person or isometric perspective.

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Infinity Engine!

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My favorite are open world first person RPGs, so the Elder Scrolls anything but I enjoy most types of RPGs.

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I honestly don't think I have a preference. My only preference relates to theme - anything but medieval fantasy is alright with me.

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2D are my favorite for sure. IMO that era of RPG was(not to sound too corny) enhanced so much by the imagination.

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An Epic 3rd person Role-Playing Game like the Mass Effect trilogy.

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What is an RPG?

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I just started playing Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System off of the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection for the first time. It reminded me of how much I love old school RPGs. I broke out my SNES cartridges and gave ChronoTrigger, FF2, FF3, Secret of Mana, and Secret of Evermore great big hugs of loves!!!!

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I think the best 2d art always looks prettier than the best 3d art, and I don't see any gameplay advantages that 3d art offers for the kinds of rpgs I like to play.

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Dat Witchar

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Ones with 2D text.

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Western, party-focused, turn-based. They don't do a lot like it anymore. X-COM is the only example I can pull recently. Maybe Avernum: Escape From The Pit, but that's pretty low-tier. They either do Single Character (like the Elder Scrolls), or they do Real Time With Pause. If you're going to make it a real time game, just make it an action game with stats so I don't have to deal with bullshit pathfinding.

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All of them really. =)

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Enjoy playing first person RPGs, but 3rd person is more of my thing. Mass Effect and KOTOR are some of my favorite games ever.

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This is a damn hard thing to choose. Isometric, 2D, and 3rd person are pretty much tied as my favorites. 1st persons alright, but nothing that I couldn't live without.

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Hard choice, but nowadays I lean towards third person, party-based such as KOTOR and Dragon Age: Origins. Third-person action-y RPGs are a very close second like The Witcher, Risen, Divinity 2. Still love me them classic 2D RPGs though.

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I answered with the isometric "diablo" style choice, but really I think Pokemon Silver was my favourite RPG ever.

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At the expense of a copout I don't have a particular preference, only one I would say I don't particularly enjoy is first person RPG since I'm" not a fan of person games in general other than racers.

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I prefer 3rd person as I feel closer to the action and am able to look at my character's armors and stuff.

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None of those matter as long as I can customize and overlevel like fuck. I want to play around with setups and make the most broken fucking combos possible. So games like FF7, Disgaea, DSouls and to some extent games like Diablo. But I dislike the RNG parts of those games. :/

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I don't really have a preference but, for shits and gigs, I'll say first-person since that's what I've been playing lately.

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I have no preference for an RPG.I love Skyrim,Pokemon,Torchlight,Mass Effect and similar ones as well,as long as their enjoyable to play.

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3rd person but I actually thought it was going to be between western and eastern rpgs, which over the past 6 months I would have no idea which I would pick, damn you Persona series for showing me the light.

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That's a really bizzare way to separate RPGs and why people would prefer one over the other. Isometric RPGs can be hugely different, and 3D third person perceived RPGs can also be completely different games with almost nothing alike; while certain games have both 1st and 3rd person perspecive, further yet some 3D rpgs are very similar to 2d isometric counterparts, and many games even straddle the line of being both.

The approach to core mechanics, narrative and game play is imo why different people like different types RPGs. As these can make far more of a difference and create hugely varied types of games.

Also Diablo is not an RPG, labeling the venerated isometric old school RPGs with such "diablo style" makes me want to puke a little in me mouth. :/

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Depends on the style of the game ;)

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I prefer the RPG you play with pen & paper.

Also, I never thought of Diablo as an RPG, nor do I Darksiders. Mass Effect is, well... it comes close enough I guess. To me there is more you gotta be able to do than simply put skillpoints in a game to call it an RPG. The player has to be able to make choices as to his characters motivation, otherwise you aint playing a role. You are just watching a story unfold.