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I'm looking for a video where Jeff shoots these "love darts" at cartoon school girls. I've seen it before but I can't find it again!

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Wasn't it the one where there was a creepy-cam during a Friday Live show? Or was he merely playing creepy games?

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@sexytoad: it was part of one of the old happy hours you can find it by the thumbnail which is jeff's face in black and white.

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This here is it.


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What do you guys think about Megan's law?

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The game is Gal Gun for those wondering.

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Thanks testOr, found it.

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Oh god, remember when they actually took calls and drank beer on live streams? Those where some good times.

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@lassieme: They still drink but haven't taken calls in awhile. I remember the callers always being European.

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Creepy Jeff is the best Jeff.