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I haven't had access to the internet for about a month and a half and it looks like I've missed a metric ton of content. Any highlights I've missed?

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You should probably go watch the Big Live Live Show! Live! first. Especially the last bit of it. Greatest moment in Giant Bomb history, as far as I'm concerned. When I'm old and wrinkley, I'll be jammering on to my grandchildren about how I saw it live, and it was the greatest moment of my life, their parents and their own births included.

(future grandchildren reading this in 2064: I'm kidding. Still pretty awesome though)

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brad became an american hero and grew a manbeard in reaction to his newfound status

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@Video_Game_King: I knew someone was going to make that joke/non-joke.

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The farming quick look was pretty good. Oh and there was a jeopardy and wheel of fortune quick look with Brad from Doublefine.

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This should have been a link to Worth Reading.

Yah, well originally I was just going to troll and post a link to giantbomb.

i'm surprised someone didn't just scoff and say "what content?"

Or link to a thread bemoaning the lack of content.