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Hello. Am i the only one who hasnt met anyone that doesnt play CoD? I havent met anyone else who hasnt played other genres besides CoD. Theres no gamers around here ;3;

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You're right man, damn, no gamers! Well, actually, that's not true at all! If you want to view paradise man, simply look around and view it! I will be, your gamer budd-e, if you truly wish me to be? That didn't work quite right, what I'm trying to say is, sure man, add me on steam or whatever, I'll play some games with you, I'm PolyesterKyle on there.

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Get into a competitive game with a "big" community behind it. I know it's not as big as it used to, but I have made quite a few friends through Starcraft 2 for instance. There are other ways as well, countless forum communities out there, like this one.

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Have you tried walking out into a crowded area and shouting, "I AM LOOKING FOR FRIENDS WHO ARE WILLING TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES."?

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Jeff Gerstmann is everyone's gaming buddy

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Yeah... video game buddies... It's pretty random.

I find that it helps to be able to relate on levels other than gaming as well. I have a friend at work who I bonded with over cooking, then randomly dropped that I was trying out EVE at the time. Turns out that he's played it, and over time we learned that we enjoy a lot of the same games. Not all, of course, but a few. Even then I was reluctant to say anything, because trying to explain EVE to people who are self-titled gamers can get a few strange looks.

So try dropping hints once in a while. You'd be surprised who's hiding their power levels. Most people assume I'm some stereotypical jock at first glance.

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On this very website!

As for real life, Uhhh... school I guess :P

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GameStop or Toys 'R' Us. If you go the Toys 'R' Us route, make sure to show up in a van with with curtains on the windows so you can drive your new gaming friends back to your house in privacy. =)

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Are you talking about meeting people outside of the internet? Cause if not then we have plenty of gamers here obviously. Otherwise...

Look into what kind of gaming scene there is in your area. I can almost guarantee there is some sort of league of legends and probably some kind of fighting game community within a driving distance. It's less likely but there could also be starcraft, counterstrike, etc. etc. near you. You don't have to like or be good at those games, but people there tend to branch out into other genres as well. Go to them and socialize if you're that interested.

Also look into arcades. Not necessarily the older style where you have the typical arcade machines and whatnot. There's a business in my town where you just pay an amount of cash to go in pick a game off the shelf, take a seat at one of the stations for a particular console, and have at it. It's how quite a few people in my area are trying out the ps4 and xbox one without buying one. Might be something like that around you.

Otherwise, if you're the right age and are in school or college try there too. I've met some of my best friends simply because we share a passion for gaming, particularly competitive gaming. Look for gaming clubs. In college especially there is probably already some form of gaming club that meets on your campus. If there isn't and you're really wanting to take initiative, start one. You'd be surprised at how many people actually show up to these things.

If none of that sounds appealing to you then you'll have to settle for just stumbling across people. Don't be afraid to talk about gaming in conversation. It'll help you find people who have the same interest. You'd be surprised at the kinds of people who are gamers.

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"Where can I find gamer buddies?"

At giantbomb dot com. It's a website, about video games.

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If you've got a local gaming/hobby store, the nerds there are often also gamers. Generally I find card/miniature/table-top game players are also into video games.

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Whatever game I play online is where I find some of my gamer buddies. Most of my gamer buddies are personal friends though, but I do occasionally meet new friends while playing many games.