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It would be nice to talk with fellow duders while the show is on. Anyone know if they'll open it up?

#2 Posted by Zacagawea (1589 posts) -

That'd be cool. Somebody should yell at Dave on Twitter.

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I hope so.

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It starts in about three hours, correct?

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I would have loved the Giant Bomb dudes to do some kind of live commentary for this.

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That would be really neat. Would hopefully make it a bit more tolerable. But who knows, maybe it will be fantastic this year. I guess its not really for us, but the reveals will probably be nice.

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Would love the chat on even if I'm only present for the preshow 2 hours.

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I'd be down for this. Gonna make it a buff wing night anyway.

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anyone know if these get archived anywhere? always a hilarious time (for all the wrong reasons)

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@killacam: The only archives I have seen of the VGAs is highlight reels of the announcements (as that's all people care for) or webcasts of people talking over them (usually different languages to English as well)

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The chat is for Giant Bomb events. Feel free to use the forums like has always been done, or the unofficial IRC if you really feel the need to chat.

It's enough work handling the site and forums and chat just for our own events, let alone having to deal with it for external events like the VGA's too.