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I will be Building a new computer Monday and I cant decide if I want to run windows 7 or 8 on it. Gaming is what I am building it for and what I want to run smoothly. Also (and I know I really should know this) do I need the 32 or 64 bit version?

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I can't weigh in on the 7 v 8 debate, but get the 64-bit version. To be honest, I don't think anyone even makes 32-bit PC CPUs anymore.

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I hear if you have 7 already there is no reason to upgrade. But do your situation it sounds like windows 8 is totally fine, even has a faster boot time.

And it's cheap

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Windows 7, 64bit. Go for that.

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Windows 7 is said to be more Pc gaming friendly,but I have 8 and it's been fine for me so far.

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Get 7. If you feel like getting 8 later, you can buy the upgrade for cheaper, and if you don't like then you can go back to 7. And this way you will have access to both.

Oh, and get 64-bit.

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Windows 8 is more like a future Proofing. Just like Vista was With XP, but unlike Vista, Windows 8 is faster. If Your New computer will use brand New Components then I would recommend Windows 8. The only thing to know is that it's different than other Windows versions, which is a barrier for a lot of users, get past that barrier & I think you will like it.

Now & throughout January 2013 Windows 8 is fairly cheap aswell.

And yes, 64bit Version is what you will use. Then you can utilize all the memory & processors.

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They're both pretty similar for what you'll want to use the machine for, so just get the cheapest one. The cheapest 64-bit one of course.

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Can't say which one you should get. I use win8 and have had zero problems.

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I just built a system myself and I went with Windows 8 (non-professional) OEM systems builders edition. It was $70 on Amazon. If you're starting from scratch I think its the cheapest way to get the Windows OS and there's the future proofing aspect.

If you have access to a Windows 7 license I guess I would go with that since it saves money. I wouldn't be surprised if Windows switched to the yearly OS upgrade plan like Apple.

Someone also recommended this to me too late:


Its a trial version of Windows 7 (legal) and you apparently can upgrade to 8 for the upgrade price. I didn't try it because I already ordered mine, but maybe worth a shot if you're starting out.

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Cool, thanks allot guys. I guess I will go with 8 64 bit.

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8 easily.

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Win 7 64bit.