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Poll: Would anyone other than me like to have smaller video icons when looking through videos (17 votes)

No ( I like the new 8x3 format better) 6%
Yes (I would like the option of the old 4x6) 94%

I personally don't like having to scroll to the bottom to see all the videos. Being able to see all the videos at once was pretty nice. I asked Dave and he said I would have to plead my case to Alexis. So I was wondering if anyone other would like to have the option to see all the videos at once, like the old site.

#1 Posted by BisonHero (8639 posts) -

The smaller the better. It's almost impossible to tell what the video is from the thumbnail unless there's a big fat screencap of the main character in the thumbnail, so I need to read the title of the video 99% of the time anyways. Make the thumbnails as small as possible, I say. I think the sizing before Sea Serpent went live was just fine, as they were about as small as you could get, given that some video titles are like 12-15 words long. The new size of video thumbnails in Sea Serpent seems unnecessarily large.

#2 Posted by kingofpeanuts (567 posts) -

@bisonhero: I agree completely, I really hope they offer the option to switch to something else

#3 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12053 posts) -

Yes! I agree!

#4 Posted by probablytuna (4267 posts) -

Yeah the large thumbnails are kinda unnecessary.

#5 Posted by face15 (1373 posts) -

I totally agree. I'd also argue that having the description there underneath them is also a totally unnecessary use of space, given that they are usually just jokes and aren't gonna help anyone decide whether or not to watch a video.