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It was really a heartbreak that MK had a messed up online component when it first launched, not even including the psn hack that happened a few days after launch. Being a big mk fan and enjoying some of the dc heroes I was thinking of picking this up for ps3 but Im a bit concerned about how the connectivity is. Is anybody having issues with matchmaking or stayin in king of the hill lobbies? To this day I still have serious connection issues with Mortal Kombat and really don't wanna pick this game up as have the same problem. Thanks duders

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I've been playing online. It's not broken like MK, but it is still not great. Connections are subpar, and lag input is out of this world. Good luck trying to get the timing on a combo to connect.

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I agree. I picked the game up and I'm glad I can ususally connext without any random disconnects. And lobbies seem to function but for the life of me I can hardly do any combos I do in practice.

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Seems fine to me its not Tekken Tag 2 great but its good enough that it doesn't seem to hamper my inputs too much.

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If you and your opponent have good connections, it's fine. If he has a bad connection, it's chuggy.