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The PC port got a lot of flak because it was barely working. I bought the complete packet of L.A. Noire in some steam sale a few months back and got finally around to try it. I have a modest machine and the FPS are decent on 1920x1200 medium settings, setting up the social club account was quick and without having to leave the game, as well as I encountered no bugs in the first couple hours besides some texture popping. So if you skipped this game because you're a PC gamer, it's definitely worth picking up once it goes on sale again because the game is really a lot of fun.

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I have had a steam code for it and have yet to redeem it since i picked it up on the 360 (which was fine). Anyone want to trade??

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It ran fine for me when I got it and it looked great when I forced some anti-aliasing options. I completed it without any notable problems. However when I tried to play it again a couple of months back I just got a black screen on startup. It's safe to say that I didn't do anything to break the game between completing it and starting it up again, considering I didn't touch it at all. I searched around for a solution without managing to discover anything apart from the fact that the black screen was a known issue for some people.

I just tried to start it again and - yep, still no go. I've tried all the suggested fixes for this problem barring the complete 12Gb re-download, which I can't be bothered with. So it's safe to say this game is still a bit wobbly.