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#101 Posted by Andorski (5309 posts) -

Dat Ass.

#102 Posted by Mr_Faraday (241 posts) -

Liara > Tali > Garrus

#103 Posted by Dahill (9 posts) -

I'm surprised so many people like Jack, I for one can't really stand her. Ashley, Kaidan, Samara, Mordin, and Jacob are eh. Not a big krogan fan.
Liara is my love interest from ME1 so she's up there. Miranda's a decent character.

Never got the DLC, so I'd say very close between Thane, Garrus, and Legion.

#104 Posted by dungbootle (2457 posts) -

Legion. He's so awesome. Since Bioware seems to listen to their fanbase, hopefully in ME3 everyone will be replaced by Legion.

#105 Posted by Pezen (1604 posts) -

On a character level nothing beats Garrus. He has an arc no other party member has (partly in due to being in both games) and he evolves from the first to the second. Events change him into a character he wasn't when you first met him. And the dynamic between him and Shepard is unprecedented in comparison to how other people are with Shepard. He just feels a lot more fleshed out than the other ones and he doesn't whine about stuff, which helps. 
Liara became (by accident actually) my love interest in ME and that actually turned a lot more interesting with how the second game unfolded (especially with the Shadow Broker dlc), so she is also quite a personal favorite of mine.  
ME2 have a lot of really cool characters that are really fleshed out in their own right but while they are so detailed, they don't have the history that those from ME have, or at least those that I enjoy. 
Honorable mentions; Legion, Mordin, Grunt & Wrex. 
Liked; Thane, Kasumi, Samara. 
DIsliked; Ashley, Kaidan, Tali, Jacob & Miranda. 
If we're talking Antagonists/Allies I really think Saren is at the top of the list with Sovereign and the Illusive man close behind.

#106 Posted by mewarmo990 (835 posts) -

I love the very fact that BioWare's games have large casts, even if some are a bit cliched.
I feel that Mordin is the most well-developed and portrayed character, that appeals not only to me but to a great deal of other people as well.
Personally, I like most of the ME characters. The only ones I disliked were Jack (trying way too hard to be edgy there, BioWare) and Jacob, but that's only on an emotional level. They are all fleshed out and played well.

#107 Posted by BeachThunder (11927 posts) -

Liked: Joker, Kelly, Wrex, Tali, Mordin, Garrus, Blasto
Disliked: Jack, Miranda, Jacob, Ashley, Grunt, Zaeed

#108 Posted by Vinny_Says (5707 posts) -

black guy with the crazy dad!

#109 Posted by LiquidPrince (15946 posts) -

Aside from Shepard obviously > Miranda > Thane > Mordin > Garrus > Wrex > Legion > Tali > Kasumi > Samara > Jacob > Jack > Grunt > Zaeed.

#110 Posted by nacnud88 (21 posts) -

Tali - then Garus and Wrex

#111 Posted by bartok (2480 posts) -

Conrad broseph.  The dude needs a spin-off game in the worst way. 

#112 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -

Tali>Garrus>Everyone else.

#113 Posted by Clonedzero (4200 posts) -

Garrus i always use him, he's been my favorite character since i first got him in ME1, he's NEVER been out of my party in ME1 and i almost always have him with me in ME2.

#114 Posted by overlord_ofthedeadXD (60 posts) -

Garrus, Thane, and Jacob! So badass! :)

#115 Posted by brownsfantb (393 posts) -

They're all so good but my favorite has to be Garrus. I take him on every mission with me.
Although I also like Wrex, Thane, Moridin, Tali, Joker and Kasumi.

#116 Posted by SpacePenguin (478 posts) -

Garrus> Wrex > Mordin
I always try and get Garrus in my squad, ever since the first game :)

#117 Posted by belaraphon (451 posts) -

Admiral Hacket

#118 Posted by BraveToaster (12590 posts) -

Garrus and Mordin

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#120 Posted by applet0n (653 posts) -

Mordin > Wrex > Joker

#121 Posted by TwilitEnd656 (617 posts) -

Tali had somehow managed to instantly make herself my favorite. I can hardly even explain it.

#122 Posted by blueaniman93 (604 posts) -

urdnot wrex IS the best character 
then i would say tali 

#123 Posted by Gabriel (4061 posts) -

I roll with Garrus.

#124 Posted by Arkkazeal (110 posts) -

Wrex and Tali fill out my party slots.

#125 Posted by Willin (1280 posts) -

My favorite character is my renagade lady Shepard because she is such a bitch. :D

#126 Posted by Obsidian (346 posts) -

Garrus in the first game, Thane in the second.

#127 Posted by bigyawn_hippo (20 posts) -

  I do every mission  with Tali and Miranda if possiable, there are my male sheperds equivlant to Charlies Angels :) 

#128 Posted by Yanngc33 (4496 posts) -

Careful, I'm gonna be original here: Wrex

#129 Posted by Scarlet_Rogue (500 posts) -


#130 Posted by BerserkingGuts (75 posts) -

Toughin', but I'll choose: Saren, Tali, Illusive Man, Kahlee, Thane, Mordin.

#131 Posted by csl316 (8653 posts) -

Tali is awesome.  Garrus is just cool.
And in ME 2, Miranda was pretty much the perfect squad mate.  Useful in combat, had connections, ready to hook up when necessary.
Oh, and Mordin.  Wish he survived my mission : (
Oh, and Thane.  Damn, so hard to choose, lol.

#132 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1769 posts) -

Garrus, Wrex, Thane, and Mordin ,

#133 Posted by xXwindoverXx (290 posts) -


#134 Posted by IBurningStar (2172 posts) -

Garrus > Everyone else

#135 Posted by DonPixel (2585 posts) -

yeoman Kelly Chambers, she knows how to treat a man

#136 Posted by iamLEG10N (69 posts) -

Garrus is the shit.  
Also Tali.

#137 Edited by Demon_Sandwich (113 posts) -

Garrus; his default personality is the same way i play the game

#138 Posted by greenygrey (155 posts) -

Squad Members: 
1. Garrus (Obviously)
2. Wrex 
3. Tali 
4. Mordin 
5. Liara (Post LOSB) 
1. Jeff "Joker" Moreau
2. The Illusive Man 
3. Captain David Anderson 
4. Kal'reeger  
5. Matriarch Aethyta
1. Saren 
2. Sovereign 
3. Harbinger
#139 Posted by project343 (2823 posts) -

1. Kaiden 
2. Mordin 
3. Garrus 
4. Thane 
Although, I think I'm romance-biased.

#140 Posted by pornstorestiffi (4914 posts) -

HK-47, oh wait.

#141 Posted by Hilikus (279 posts) -

My main man Garrus.

#142 Edited by freedo (87 posts) -

Wrex, Legion, Mordin, and Garrus. Garrus was probably the party member I used the most. He was also one of the four dudes that died on the suicide mission. That was a giant "NOOOOOO!!!" moment and, funnily enough, made the ending better to me.  

Wrex is the fuckin' shit. I didn't even play ME 1 and he's still my favorite character. He better have a bigger role in number 3.

#143 Posted by Pumpeho (49 posts) -

My Shepard!
Other than that Legion, Wrex, Mordin and Liara. Hackett comes on a corner for having a sick voice.
Legion and Wrex are just badasses.
Mordin is sort of witty and have a story thats interesting to me.
Liara saw some character evolving between ME1 and LotSB, yet stayed in her intellectual persona.

#144 Posted by InternetCrab (1504 posts) -

Tali :D

#145 Posted by ikwal (225 posts) -

Tali and Mordin are my favorites. Garrus is also pretty cool. Well when I think about it almost all characters are great.

#146 Posted by LiquidPrince (15946 posts) -


#147 Posted by obtainium (12 posts) -

Mordin all day long

#148 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

Liara T'soni

#149 Posted by QKT (250 posts) -

Garrus, cos the moment i met him in the council building and says that he wants to investigate saren, im like 'yeah bro!' and the he compliments my shot in the doctor's place. 
also nihilus.

#150 Posted by Hargreaves93 (234 posts) -

Garrus just because he looks cool and his personality is interesting. A C-Sec officer who wants the powers to go beyond the law to bring justice to the galaxy but he always wants to do the right thing in the end.