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#51 Posted by akeripper4 (166 posts) -

the whole thing is something conrad verner would make in a wet dream.....

#52 Posted by mrfluke (5676 posts) -

i love what im seeing of this, that dlc to me is the true ending to mass effect 3.

not that nihilistic bullshit that they pulled for their actual ending

definitely will be buying this dlc, never thought that i actually would want anything to do with mass effect 3 again, glad to see that that bioware team actually does recognize what the fans really like.

#53 Posted by Sgtpierceface (720 posts) -

This is one of my favourite things ever. Not just for DLC, not just for video games! This was one of the most heart warming pieces of entertainment I've ever experienced. And I never even got to see the Wrex/Grunt/Shepard part!

#54 Posted by Sgtpierceface (720 posts) -

@jeanluc: That was hilarious! Thanks for posting that, I managed to miss that scene somehow.

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I'm playing through the game right now with all the dlc. Does this one make sense as part of a complete playthrough ?

Seeing how goofy it gets, should I just finish the main story and then go back to a previous save for this ?

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This DLC may have been extremely blatant fanservice, but damn did I love it. I don't believe it would work at all if you had it on your initial playthrough, but for those of us who already beat the game it was great. Proper closure and all that.

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I should really, really, really play this. It seems... amazing.

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Man, I really want to play this but I became disabled a while ago(I'm almost a quadriplegic), I didn't even finish my Mass Effect 2 play through

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My favorite moment can be summed up in one word; toothbrush.

#60 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (2131 posts) -

I'm playing through the game right now with all the dlc. Does this one make sense as part of a complete playthrough ?

Seeing how goofy it gets, should I just finish the main story and then go back to a previous save for this ?

Don't play it as part of a main playthrough. It is a huge tonal shift and it's quite long, so it will kill the sense of dramatic pacing towards the end of the game. It's a great piece of content, but play after you finish the main game.

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This DLC sounds really interesting. I'll probably end up getting it now that so many people seem to be all for it. Judging from the clips and stuff I've seen, I can't help but wonder how the game would have been if this had been dispersed throughout and Shepard's apartment was a thing from the very beginning.

Seems like it might have made these DLC moments stand out even more since they wouldn't be so clustered together. Regardless, Citadel DLC, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

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I didn't know how to feel about it until I played through the whole party.

My favourite part of it, by far, was (party spoliers!) "Shark!" - Grunt, drunk, passing out in the shower. He says crazy shit if you keep prompting him. Like. Crazy shit. It's ultra miss-able, too.

Aside from that, it was talking to Zaeed again (RIP the voice actor) and, of course, (post-party spoilers!) the Mordin voice recording data module you find next to your bed on the day after, and the amazing songs in it. But most of all - the badass detective novel excerpt.

All in all, frikin great DLC.

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Holy crap! This dlc was incredible. After asking you guys if you recommend playing it, even after how I had already said goodbye to this franchise after the mess that was Mass Effect 3, I went ahead and followed your guy's advice and played it. This is the best piece of dlc I have ever played. It was amazing. From start to finish. It was just the right amount of craziness. I had a lot of laughs. I smiled. I remembered the greatness of Mass Effect and just enjoyed it through and through. This is what dlc should be. This is the way Mass Effect should have ended. Before this, I walked away from this franchise feeling shitty and with a big sense of disappointment. As great as the best moments were, the third game with its negatives brought it all down for me. Now, after Citadel, I'm walking away feeling a little better. A little happier. A little sense of faith restored in Bioware.

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The DLC is great I fiinally got to see a hanar move and see him dual wield pistols also its Blasto

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I love that Shepard is basically Grunt's mother/father figure:

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#67 Posted by hermes (1782 posts) -

I really liked it. As someone that thinks the characters is the absolute highlight of the Mass Effect series, I find most of the camaraderie and little talk during the party to be quite endearing. Being able to be in a Blasto's movie and hear more of Macbeth by Elcors are just a glimpse of the amount and kind of details and closure this DLC brings.

However, this only works as a sendoff DLC. If this was part of the campaign it would just feel out of place, because it feels like it belongs in a bubble and has nothing of the urgency of the rest of the game. In a way, it reminds me of some sections of Persona 4 that had nothing to do with the mystery (you know which ones). The best way to play it is after the ending, once you come in terms with it and you remember this DLC is the last time you are likely to interact with Shepard and (likely) those characters. Once you are there, just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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It's either the tripple RT-prompt you can make during Brooke's reveal or the party (can't pick any one moment though, too many to choose from). I fucking love this DLC to pieces, job well done bioware!

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Kasumi randomly showing up during the party is pretty great.

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@jeanluc said:

@blatantninja23 said:

I killed Wrex, and now I know I still made the right choice.

You are a heartless person that I do not wish to meet in real life.

That's honestly the best moment in 3.... And killing Mordin... Renegade is the best way to play 3....it will tear your heart out...

#71 Posted by The_Ruiner (1363 posts) -

Thane's memorial... actually made me sad...

#72 Posted by zombiesatemycereal (430 posts) -

So many favorite parts. This has been my favorite piece of content in the entire series.

  • Wrex and Garrus talking in the Normandy elevator.
  • Blasto.
  • Drunk Grunt. Or really all of Grunt's lines.
  • Thane's memorial, and Mordin's datapad. They really have a scene of everybody in some form.
  • Wrex jumping on the shuttle.
  • Joker's bar story.
  • The "I should go" moment.
  • Pretty much the entire party.
  • All the multiplayer references, but especially the Vorcha/N7 and the Adept talking to an Alliance Requisitions Officer.
#73 Posted by Ennosuke (63 posts) -

The DLC is really good! I am suprised! It feels good to play it, revives some good old memories. I haven´t finished it yet, but I loved that scene with the Pizza Guy :D

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It was fantastic, loved every minute of it.

I was actually pretty sad at the end, knowing that it was actually the last time all of us would be together like that, I never really got a chance to feel sad at the actual ending of the game as I was too busy being confused and disappointed to feel the loss of Shepard the way Bioware probably wanted me to.

I am now much much more excited to see more Mass Effect than I was before, so, mission accomplished Bioware.

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There are so many good moment, Grunt getting arrested was among the best though.

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Bioware nailed this DLC.

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@jeanluc: Joker's voice over is hilarious in that scene.

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'She messed with my hamster guys. Now it's Personal. Guys? Were you gonna say something, or... no, no, I get it. Hard to even find the words

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Finished it and I love it. It reminded me what was so good about Mass Effect and that I miss it. Yes the gameplay feels kind of old and boring but this universe is amazing. But the best part are the characters and all those relationships. You really feel like you know them for a long time. It made the real ending even more sad, but on the other hand it gave you some additional time with your "friends".

There were so many funny parts! I think the part with grunt was the best, so funny how they took a photo sitting on the memorial :D

#79 Posted by GunGunW (65 posts) -

I loved how comedic it was. Unfortunately, since I played the DLC half way through a play through instead of the end, I missed out on a lot though. Tali didn't even come to my party.

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The scene that starts at 2:10 (didn't see the hot tub stuff at all).

I don't know how that scene plays out with other love interests, but that one line hit me pretty hard : "This wasn't what I signed up for, but it's been a good ride."

You know what Traynor ? Yes ! This is exactly how I'm feeling right now. I was disappointed by how actiony Mass Effect 2 was, I was disappointed by the stupid side quests of 3, I was disappointed by the main story in all 3 games, the whole time I've had in the back of my head the game that "could have been", but... goddammit if this hasn't been one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life, I don't know what is.

This dlc is pretty good, you guys. I don't know if you've heard.

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I liked the story Anderson told about going on a mission where everyone is nervous and he insults one of his crew members and they insult his mother back. Good banter.

Also Traynor's awkwardness with EDI and how she thought her phone voice was sexy was pretty funny.

@rjayb89 What you said in the spoiler tag would've been so much better. Good call.

#82 Posted by JeanLuc (3799 posts) -

I found this video and I think it perfectly sums up my feelings on the DLC and Mass Effect as a whole. It's been a hell of a ride.

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Grunt. Just...everything involving Grunt.

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My two absolute favorites are more serious moments. My favorite just has to be the last scene when the crew is looking at the Normandy and Shepards voice actor seems to be choked up saying "The Best". The other is Shepards paragon interrupt with Brookes at the end. Just the way he says "No I'm pleading for yours", that was pretty awesome.

Other favorites are Anderson's datapad on Shepard, Mordin's datapad, the whole part about Traynor's toothbrush, the dancing, and finding the space hamster in the trash. Also just need to mention all the party banter when the entire squad is running through the archives.

Honestly so many great moments. Glad to see the series go out like this, leaving me with a smile on my face. Only problem is it's slightly bittersweet since it reminded me how much I enjoyed the series and actually wish I could see Shepards story continue. Despite that though, awesome send off.

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The funniest moment of the DLC, which ended up being one of my favorite parts, was when Shep and your two companions are trapped in the volt. Great "I should go" jokes going on there. But I do like the bitter sweet ending when everyone was heading back to the Normandy. Great dialog with you and your significant other.

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I've been watching some videos and man is this DLC top tier. Even the non cutscene stuff is good.