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Don't Starve would be made even more awesome if it had a serial killer in it.

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Terror Dome the video game already has Michael Myers as a selectable fighting game character, and Scoops already posted a video of it.

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My dream game is a high quality title with a Slender-like play style, but with Jason or Michael in it. It couldn't have other enemies though. I always think of how you always anticipated Nemesis in RE3, and sometimes there was a way to "defeat" him, but you're never able to kill him until the climax. I think some short game that the whole concept was you being stalked and the objective being saving folks or escaping would be great. This is coming from a guy with Jason and Ghostface tattooed on his leg though.

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Persona 5 as a party member.

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@epicsteve: "high quality title" is pretty debatable, but your dream has sort of come true...

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@joshwent: I'm already doing a thing on that. It's incredible.

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@joshwent: I'm curious, because all I've seen of that game are this trailer and Patrick's playthrough of the Halloween version on Spookin' with Scoops, but I really wonder if there's an actual ending or if you just run around trying to avoid a death that is inevitable.

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@video_game_king: Nipple Tale? NIPPLE TALE?!? How do I express with mere paltry words the stinging depth of my disappointment when I clicked that link.

@hailinel: Yeah, I have no idea either. Honestly, I adore slasher flicks, but this kind of seems like a game that just doesn't work. The brilliance of things like Slender and Amnesia is that they largely cut out actual combat and confrontation in lieu of effectively suspenseful avoidance. This game seems to be more geared to the classic 80's style surprise physical struggle with the baddie until he's at least knocked out so you can stupidly then go hide without making sure he's dead (which he's not). Which is fine for a character in a movie, but in a game you could just stand there and kick him in the head until the cops come. Or whatever.

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Dark Souls. Wouldn't he fit right in?

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Mortal Kombat...

While it's likelihood that it could ever happen is pretty slim, I would love for there to be a fighting game made up purely of horror movie villains.