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I imagine you're aware of "Too Close", either from the radio or from that excellent Internet Explorer ad. Just for reference, here it is:

My question stems mainly from my ignorance of dubstep. I do not want to start some sort of flame war in which everyone says how dumb or how amazing dubstep is. In my eyes, I don't appreciate what it's done to the music landscape or the sound itself, but I digress.

The question is: does that part during the chorus count as 'dubstep', or is simply distortion? From what I know of my brief exposure to dubstep, it has a much higher frequency(?) and much more distinct notes(?). However, not being a music person, I'm not sure. I call on you dubstep experts to school me on this on.

PS - Fun fact: for the first month that I heard in on the radio while driving to school, I was absolutely confident it was the Black Keys. That voice (and slight processing on it?) sounds damn near identical.

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It's pop music with some wobble-bass. I wouldn't call it dubstep or even electronica.

Dubstep is supposed to be about irregular beat structure or something. It's all electronica to me.

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I'm no expert in the field but I don't think that is dubstep. On a side note the kendo fight reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist so i'm into that.

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Gucci Gucci isn't dubstep.

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I wouldn't call it straight dubstep, but it's influenced enough by it that if someone were to point to it and say "That's dubstep!" I wouldn't get into an argument over it. It's certainly influenced by it.

For something similar, here's Promises by Nero, which errs closer to just plain old dubstep but still has enough D&B and house influences to differentiate themselves from acts like Mt Eden who you'd call dubstep and nothing else.

Electronic music tends to blend together when you really get down to it, so I wouldn't sweat it. As for it sounding like the Black Keys, check out the rest of the album. It diverges pretty wildly.

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It isn't dubstep. That's just wobble bass laid over some vocals.

If the song's rhythm comes directly from the bass line, be it syncopated or not, it's dubstep. There are, since its inception, many varieties of the genre now, so it makes it a little more hard to categorise to someone who isn't as fluent in the genre, or electronic music in general. As it stands now, Feed Me's "Blood Red" is as much dubstep as Skream's "Where You Should Be". The latter is more akin to the genre's two-step origins, while the former is part of the newer, upbeat synth-heavy scene.

I'm shit at explaining things, but hopefully that gives you some idea. I don't know. I'm sure the Wikipedia page explains it better. Regardless, that track you posted isn't dubstep, nor is most of what you'll hear on mainstream radio. Wobble bass ≠ dubstep

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I say yes because I used it to explain to my parents what dubstep was. It's close enough.

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Love that fucking song.

Anyway, I call it electronic music. That's the same genre I label Skrillex, Skream, Flashygoodness, any chiptune artist and drum & bass music. I don't bother to learn all the sub-genres that seem to keep being created everyday. All my metal, punk, alternative, deathcore, etc. all are labeled as Rock on my PC. I'm tired of listening to music and hearing "Yeah I make Chip Glitch House BroStep mis..." Obviously I'm kidding about that specific example, but you get my point. I also refuse to be the asshole who corrects people on what type or genre of music they're listening to. Take Skrillex songs on Youtube for example. "THIS ISN'T DUBSTEP" seems to be every other comment. I wish all those people would die, I don't care if they're right or wrong.

TL;DR: I call it electronic, don't care if I'm right or wrong.

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We need a goddamn dub-step council.

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Dubstep or not, it's shit.

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All in favour of new subgenre called fauxstep say aye

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@Sploder: Aye.

As in, "Aye am ashamed to admit I actually like this song." Let's hope it doesn't lead to me liking Internet Explorer.

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@Apocralyptic said:

@Sploder: Aye.

As in, "Aye am ashamed to admit I actually like this song." Let's hope it doesn't lead to me liking Internet Explorer.

  If you don't like Internet Explorer now, then I don't know what is wrong with you.
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Fuck that song and fuck that ad.