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Hi All -- I have a good long beard going now and I also wear glasses and don't have contacts. I'm looking for good costume ideas for this Halloween that can allow me to keep both. In the past I've done hippie, lumberjack, bad 80s cop, and Abraham Lincoln. Any suggestions?

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Sigmund Freud, but instead of a cigar, use a big dildo.

P.S.: Yes, he wore glasses.

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why not wear a pair of ladie panties on your head and go as a c*nt

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The only real choice.
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Say that your a bear... This is all.

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shave it to a goatee and dress as Gordon Freeman. If you eally want to get in character start silently murdering people.

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I decided to be Walter from Tbe Big Lebowski. Couldn't find a khaki vest though so it's a little off.

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Nerdy Big Boss

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WIZARD! You should be a wizard.

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I ended up going with the classic Hobo, complete with fingerless gloves, old cigar, battered hat, stained undershirt, bindle, and patched shoes. (A singin' hobo, not a stabbin' one)

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Walter White

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@Sploder said:

Walter White

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You should have gone as Freud, gotten really way into character, and done a whole shitload of cocaine.

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You should go as my Uncle Harold. He has a pretty decent job at a pharmaceutical company and is a nice guy. He also has a neat collection of Civil War memorabilia. You can't hate a man that thinks ordering a steak Well Done should be a crime.