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What are you favourite cars

Im a massive Ferrari fan so mine are.

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Those are definitely cool cars; though, for some reason, I'm getting a bit of a racist vibe from the classic car. The paintjob is very minstrel show-esque. How positively odd.

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the correct answer is the DeLorean DMC-12.

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Every well reviewed car on Top gear UK. really, everytime they bring out a bmw, Mercedes, bentley or massarati, i am always deciding its amazingly beautiful. for my favourites, i would really find more main stream, realistic cars, to be my favourites, i like the look of super cars but they are just that, nice to look at. so for now i would say my favourites are 3 cars:in order of want

The bmw m5

The audi a6.

The mazda 6

yaaa. i finally got this to work!!!

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My all time favourite! 
Second favourite.  
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Ah man, I remember really loving the look of the Dodge Viper GT when I was younger, had a model of it in my room, brings back memories :).

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giantbomb should go to a road show

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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Not your average looking car and I love it.

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Lamborghini Miura. Ever since GT5 this has been my favourite.

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I think these are the top 3 best looking cars. I can't choose a specific order though.

Lancia Stratos HF
AC Corbra
Lotus Seven
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Since this is a Ferrari circle-jerk, I've always been partial to the Testarossa.

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If they where ever to put this into production, anything anyone posts on this thread is irrelevant.

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Aston Martin DB9
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I know this car isn't practical but I really do think this is a pretty car

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Aston Martin DB5
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Shelby GT 500

Sorry bout the double post.

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TVR sagaris.

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I like cheap cars I can afford. That's it pretty much.

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@deadmanforking said:

Aston Martin DB9
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Preferably in blue.

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@TrueEnglishGent said:

Second favourite.


Your other choice was good too. But this is where it is at <3

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For me personally
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Jag E-type. What a looker.

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My only goal in life is to get my class M license so i can drive one of these.

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I hope Mazda makes this: http://www.google.com/search?um=1&hl;=en&client;=safari&tbo;=d&authuser;=0&biw;=768&bih;=928&tbm;=isch&sa;=1&q;=miata+concept&oq;=miata+concept&aq;=0&aqi;=g1g-m4g-S2g-mS2&aql;=&gs;_l=img.1.0.0j0i5l4j0i24l2j0i5i24l2.6329.12477.0.14900.

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More conservative but looks fantastic on track. 

Not quite as conservative, but still looks fantastic.  
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Corvettes are pretty cool looking

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@kalmis said:


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 Shelby GT 500
 300SL Gullwing
 And I'm gonna throw my Mini 35 in there too..
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The first one is the Eagle Speedster. The second is the Alfa Romeo 8C. Other than that maybe the 300SL, DB5, E-Type, or 250 GTO. But I still think the two imaged are better looking.

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I usually think Mercedes makes boring cars, but I find this one in particular to be stunning.
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Modern Austin martins are gorgeous, the Enzo ferrari is great, and the Lamborghini Murcielago is beautiful too.

May not be a car, but it's still a work of art.
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@randiolo said:

If they where ever to put this into production, anything anyone posts on this thread is irrelevant.

Damn, that looks sick.

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I absolutely adore the new Lamborghinis these days - the Murcielago and the Gallardo, but seeing as someone's posted Lambos already I'll post this - I always thought this was a beautiful car...

Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept

And although it might just be me showing my age, I've always adored how this car looked (and how it handled in PGR2!);

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First: I have a strange taste in cars. I like old boxxy cars. Ferraris and Lambos can eat a bag of dicks for all I care.

Nissan Sileighty
 VW Golf W12
 Mazda Rx-7 FC
 Mercedes 190e
 BMW 325i S