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So I do know a bit about computers however I have a quick question;
So I have TWO computers, fully working etc etc. ONE modem, and ONE wireless router.Let's pretend cable length isn't a problem. Is there anyway I can get internet access for the computer that is upstairs, while using the wireless router, and modem that are currently hooked up on the computer downstairs, without having to buy anything? If so, please explain how :) and if not, please tell me what I would need to buy and a price range :)
Thank you!

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That's a confusing question....
I think I got is that one of your computers is online via wireless. But your other computer doesn't support wireless, so you have to use a wire.
If your wireless comes from your modem, then that means that just a simple cable will suffice to connect your non-wireless computer.

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Does the computer upstairs have a wireless adapter? 

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There's only one ethernet port on my modem beneath me right now. Sorry to contradict my other post, but my only ethernet cord is like 10 feet ahaa '-_-
So yeah, the computer i want to put in my room, i have no modem or wireless router or ethernet cable for, and I'm hoping i don't need to buy anything, maybe a modem at the least.

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The question is more complicated than the solution.
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I cant quite understand your situation from the post but if you want to connect your other computer you will need either a wireless adaptor or a cable.

  • If you get a cable you simply hook it into the back of the router and the other end to the PC (I belive in right in saying its a straight through cable) and then it should auto-detect the network and get online.
  • If you want to use a wireless adaptor then first of all get one (the easiest one is a USB one you can get from any computer shop and even some larger supermarkets) and put it into a USB port, install the driver from the provided disk and then tell it your network name (and network password) and get online. Though if you havent set up the wireless on your router its easy but thats a seperate question :)
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i'm not sure the question really but ur going to have to buy something for the computer up stairs. there is no way of getting internet if it doesn't have wireless or cable that is plugged into it. u should just go buy a wireless thing for the computer. they only cost around $20 at like best buy they connect in the USB port.

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RankRabbit, no I don't think so the person I got it from (a friend, not a stranger) said something about a 10/100 ethernet card, that's it.

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OK! I think I know what I need to do :) Thanks everyone :D

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Why can't you use the wireless router for the computer that's wireless and the modem for the wired computer?  
Maybe I misunderstood. I don't know.

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@Digyourowngrave said:
" OK! I think I know what I need to do :) Thanks everyone :D "

Before you do it you should probably say in case you go about it all wrong so we can tell you just now and get it working faster :)
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You can either buy a wireless adapter for it (USB will be easier as mentioned), or buy a really long Ethernet cable, and plug one end to a port on the wireless router, and the other end going up stairs to your other computer. Assuming asthetics aren't a big issue; as running a long cable can get in the way if you don't pin it down with some clips or something.
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@Digyourowngrave said:
" RankRabbit, no I don't think so the person I got it from (a friend, not a stranger) said something about a 10/100 ethernet card, that's it. "
Ethernet card will get you access with a cable. The most reasonable choice would be to get a wireless router and a wireless card or usb wireless adapter to install in the computer upstairs. You don't want to run a cable all through the house. I would check amazon for what you need since they have some reasonable pricing. Don't go to Best Buy, they've only got high end stuff.
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Hit your computer. 
Like really hard.

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I feel slightly confused of whats going on.

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I am lost. If your router is wired and wireless like mine, just get a ethernet cord and put it into the router. If not you can but a USB wireless adapter and link it to your router. If that won't work. If your wireless comp has a PCI Express slot you can link the wireless and set up a Internet Sharing Network and split the internet.

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You could go from the wireless router to one of the PCs, then assuming that the router doesn't have any Ethernet ports other than the main one, you could use the spare ethernet port on the PC that's connected to the wireless, and go from that PCs Ethernet port to the other, and then on that network "Share internet connection", so to make that clearer:

  • PC-A connects to the wireless router, as a result of it using the wireless there's a spare ethernet port
  • PC-A then has an Ethernet cable in it's spare ethernet port going to PC-B
  • PC-A then shares its internet connection
  • Then PC-B enjoys the internet.
Having read you only have a 10ft cable, I'd just buy a wireless dongle.
Probably pick one up for buttons.
But then again you can probably get a cheap Ethernet cable that's super duper length. I have a 15ft one just incase, and so many times when my connection's been janky, it's been a saviour.