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I've never played any board games out side of the usual E.g Monopoly , but I was Looking around on the Internet and I ended up reading about different types of board games and some of them sounded quite cool like one called here I stand and it looked like a paradox or civ game. so I am wondering does anyone here play board games. I don't think I would ever get into board games A) Because its sound to time consuming and B) Because I don't know anyone who would want to play a 3 hour board game. Also if you do play board game when do you play them and what ones do you play.

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I love to play board games with my family. When we have a get together I would always suggest the idea of board games. I just like playing the basic ones like Monopoly, Clue, life, and so on.

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Me and my buddies have a roughly biweekly board game night. We usually play Ticket to Ride (which is my favorite), Catan, Dominion, Clue on occasion, the list goes on. Its more about the company and the laughs than the games though. But we don't play any 3 hour like games...

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Munchin is card game which is pretty fun. Settlers of Catan is solid.

Also the holy grail of tabletop gaming; Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e)

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Settlers of Catan is quite good. I play it sometimes with my friends, but that about it.

We did try play Risk before that, but man did we get on each others nerves.

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I fucking love board games. I playing Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dixit, Say Anything, Pandemic, Creationary (which is surprisingly awesome), and a whole bunch more. I could keep listing but that would be rather tedious.

Also, I think you'd be surprised by how many people would like spending 3 hours playing a board game. I have a bunch of friends from a bunch of different backgrounds, and they all love playing board games. Try out Settlers of Catan. It's longish (about two hours), and heavy on strategy, but it's easy to pick up and everyone I've ever played with has loved it. Ticket to Ride is another great, low impact strategy game.

And board games really aren't all that time consuming, unless you consider hanging out with your friends and family a waste of time. The bigger problem is that they are expensive. Even just writing this post makes my wallet hurt.

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@Butler: I recently played Munchkin, and I have to say it was pretty great!

OP, you should play Munchkin!

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I love playing them, but my friends would probably not be down with just spending a night playing board games. When I do, it's always really fun but it'll end up just being me and one other friend and they'll usually want to stop playing after 10-15 minutes. I wish I did have some friends who had the time to play. I find it fun to just spend the night playing a game of Monopoly of something like that.

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I like the idea of Monopoly, I enjoy the first hour, but then when your six hours in you just end up throwing the game.

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When I was a kid I used to play Trouble with my mom all the time. She was the only person I ever had to play games with however and she wasn't into anything too complex. We mostly played cards though. I always wished I had someone to play games like Risk with but I never have.

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I play board games, but always remind myself it's just for entertainment and do not allow myself to get competitive. There is so many random variables that competing is just a recipe for anger.

Oh, and I like Clue, Monopoly, Risk, and LIFE. Chess is probably my favorite competitive board game (and the only one for that matter).

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More like BORED GAMES! Am I right?

But no not really. I used to like Clue, Risk, LIFE, all the normal's. But now I just don't have time to keep up with any games, board or video.

P.S. Star Wars Battleship that sprays water on you is LITERALLY the best board game of all time. Ever.

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I would be interested in trying out some of those cool adult-oriented (adult in complexity, not pornographic) board games, but I have no one to play with.

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Getting drunk while playing Axis and Allies is pretty damn fun.

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Tide of Iron is pretty fun, and it doesn't take that long to play a full game (but setting up does take a while).

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Settlers of Catan is quite good. I play it sometimes with my friends, but that about it.

We did try play Risk before that, but man did we get on each others nerves.

I'm convinced that RISK is fundamentally bullshit and not fun.
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@BisonHero said:


Settlers of Catan is quite good. I play it sometimes with my friends, but that about it.

We did try play Risk before that, but man did we get on each others nerves.

I'm convinced that RISK is fundamentally bullshit and not fun.

Risk is all about who can build a stronghold in Austrailia. But Clue on the other hand, is a great fucking game. Game of Life is pretty depressing but accurate.

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I used to play monopoly with my sisters. That's about as deep as it ever got for me.

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Ticket to Ride, Dominion, and FIASCO are great games to start figuring out what you like. I revile Catan and Risk, but you absolutely have to try Catan if you haven't because it's pretty much the biggest board game out there right now.

For less "board-game-y" board games, Cards Against Humanity and The Metagame are favorites of Giant Bomb upperclassmen. Here's hoping they are actually making money off of The Metagame, as I'd love to see at least another couple expansions.

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My friends and I recently started getting together occasionally to play board games. We started with Risk, moved on to Catan, then Carcassonne and now we're pretty hooked on Dominion.

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I'll play an occasional game of Life, but it always ends in blood.

My fondest analogue gaming memory, though, comes from a game of Uno that I played with my two sisters, and one of their douchbag boyfriends. The animosity in the room brewed a perfect storm of competition, and gave me something that I like to call "Fragile Alliance Uno".

Essentially, it's Uno with betting. Everyone puts something in the pot. In the end, only one person can win. Until that point, though, you're encouraged to make deals with your compatriots, and then fuck them over. Getting a peak at other players' hands is fair game, but you have to stay sitting. It was fucking intense. The constant back stabbery led to a 3 hour long game.

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Not on a regular basis or anything, but me and my flat-mates and a few other friends play a few board games. There's a cool Sherlock Holmes game that I've got, we also play The Walking Dead Board Game which is really fun, and cool because it's usually pretty quick, Ankh Morpork is a lot of fun and the secretive nature of the objectives is something that brings me as close to competitive as I ever get (the idea of at the start of your turn just going "Fuck yeah! I hit my goal and you didn't see it coming!" greatly entertains me). I've also got Arkham Horror, but it's pretty complicated and seems to have scared my friends off a bit.

Cards Against Humanity was a big hit at my birthday party, but if you play too often it can become pretty stale so we haven't played that for a while. We also play Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering, as well as all reading comics (my flat-mate is the former president of Leeds University's Comic Society and I'm the current secretary). So yeah, thinking about it I live in a pretty goddamn nerdy flat.

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i remember as a kid making up some crazy board games. ah back when i had a slightly creative streak. :(

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After listening to Weekend Confirmed where Jeff Cannata will talk about crazy board games he finds, I've really wanted to try to get into them. The things that stop me are that they are expensive and it would be difficult to get people together for a game night.

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Arkham Horror. only co-op board game that I've found that is basically a board game RPG. (Most other board style RPGs that I've ever found always has at least 1 player vs the others).

Other than that, Fuck yeah, Monopoly.

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I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to chip in. I have a weekly game day at my house, a weekly game night at a friend's house, and a weekly game night at a coffee shop. I own 90 board games at the moment, not counting expansions. My gaming group consists of so many people that we end up having 2 games going at once or big party games (I never have less than 4 people, often 8ish, sometimes 12 or more).

Most board games made today are easy to learn, not complicated, and do not take 3 hours. What kind of game interests you? Competitive, cooperative, team games, semi-cooperative with a hidden traitor, one powerful player vs 4 others?

Watching the review of the game Pandemic (not the flash game, just shares the same name, nothing alike) is what got me into board gaming. He's a reviewer named Tom Vassal and even has a "top 100 board games of all time" every year. He knows his stuff.


Also Will Wheaton (Star Trek Wesley) is a big geek and started a show called "Tabletop" in which he plays a board game with a few small celebrities. It does a good job of showing the game played quickly and having fun.


My suggestions for gaming:

Cooperative: Pandemic, Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Competitive: Summoner Wars, Fresco, Ticket to Ride, Cosmic Encounter

Team Games: Last Night on Earth

Hidden Traitor: Shadows over Camelot, Battlestar Galactica, The Resistance

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Basic ones like Clue, Monopoly, shit like that.

Every once in a while I play Risk or Stratego.

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Whenever I get the chance I love to. The game of choice recently has been Catan...I think I am going to try to get my friends together to play Axis and Allies sometime in the near future too.

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I play Monopoly on occasion. And have some fierce games of Scrabble involving alcohol with my grandmother.

And my brother has perverted the rules of Risk:Nations to the point that it barely resembles Risk anymore. At some point Cthulhu shows up.

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I usually have friends over and we play The Simpson monopoly the electronic banking edition so no fucker is cheating, But i always add more money that is required CAUSE IM A DICK

Also sometimes classic monopoly

Also 8 month old post?

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I get bored of games sometimes. Does that count?

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I like Dixit.

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I play board games pretty much every week. Also fuck Risk and Monopoly.

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I play board-games pretty much every month, most of the times there are new ones to try. Last month we tried "Lords of Waterdeep", a nice AD&D themed worker placement game.

My highlight of the last 6 months would be "Space Alert", it's a really hilarious coop game with a lot of yelling at each other :)

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I love board games, even if I rarely can get a group together to play nowadays. Just bought Descent and the Lair of the Wyrm expansion and I'm so eager to try it out. We've played Arkham Horror, Puerto Rico, Citadels and Isla Dorada before. Citadels is probably my favorite of the bunch. So much fun. I bought both Cosmic Encounter and El Grande last summer, but haven't tried them yet.

I play board-games pretty much every month, most of the times there are new ones to try. Last month we tried "Lords of Waterdeep", a nice AD&D themed worker placement game.

My highlight of the last 6 months would be "Space Alert", it's a really hilarious coop game with a lot of yelling at each other :)

I've been looking at that and it seems really cool. It's designed by Vlada Chvatil, isn't it? That guy is so talented.

I'm convinced that RISK is fundamentally bullshit and not fun.

You're absolutely right. My girlfriend, on the other hand, loves that game and gets mad at me when I say bad things about it. You can spend a whole lot of time devising a strategy and still get fucking steamrolled because the other players get better dice rolls. Terrible game.

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board games are where it is at! Probably play more board games than video games at the moment...

I agree with the Risk hate. I would suggest Eclipse as a alternative. Yeah dice rolls are still present but with all the ship customization, different races and board randomization, its awesome! (also space!)

For more casual games I personally find King of Tokyo a hell of a lot of fun and super easy to understand and play. It's also great cause games are really quick (between 10-30 mins max). What's better than getting to be a huge monster and getting to trash tokyo and each other?

Finally, Agricola, Agricola, Agricola. Such a great game. I heard so many crazy things before I got it about how complicated it is. Well it isn't. Its actually pretty easy to understand and kinda awesome. Farm building made good!


Finally finally, I know its not really a board game as such...but Cards against Humanity is the bomb.

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I want to, but they seem so damn expensive. I can't really justify buying something for £25 - £35 that I might only play once.

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@skjeggen: Agricola and Eclipse are two of my favorites, along with Dominion, Advanced Civilization and Android Netrunner. Though to be fair, I have about 40 games and my favorite game is usually the one that's currently on the table at the moment.

@svenzon: Cosmic Encounter is a classic interactive/diplomatic game. You really need to get it on the table.

@2headedninja: If you like Space Alert, check out Galaxy Trucker. It's by the same designer, has the same "the future is shit" space theme, but it's a fun real time ship builder where your ships inevitably tear apart into pieces. It's good fun.

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@2headedninja: If you like Space Alert, check out Galaxy Trucker. It's by the same designer, has the same "the future is shit" space theme, but it's a fun real time ship builder where your ships inevitably tear apart into pieces. It's good fun.

Yeah, I own Galaxy Trucker, just didnt have the time/people to play it with yet :)

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So much risk hate in this thread. I think its a pretty good game. Some times the dice rolls are shitty, but it usual evens out. Im also a big fan of Stratego.

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I've had a lot of fun playing Battlestar Galactica with my friends.

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I played those regular old board games as a kid but grew to dislike them. These days I play:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Ascension
  • Settlers of Cattan
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Cyclades
  • Resident Evil

All are fun. My brother picked up the newer version of Ascension and I liked it a bit more. Cyclades is great. Kind of like Clash of the Titans in some ways. I love yelling "Release the Kraken!!!" I also own Android: Netrunner but I'm stuck on one of the rules in the game and it's throwing me the hell off so I'm hoping to learn to play from someone. I'll also be honest, reading the rules to board games melts my brain for some reason. It takes me and my roommate a bit to get the rules down. He's much more patient and logical about it than I am. I also used to play Heroclix. Also interested in playing Ticket to Ride.

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My original post hasn't changed. I still enjoy board games but it's getting harder to convince family to play.

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Spartacus is a fun game. It's probably best played with 4 players, or 6 if you have the expansion. Plotting and scheming against one another is a blast.

King of Tokyo is fun. It's fast and pretty easy to learn as well.

If you have -hours- to spend, Talisman is pretty neat. It's a fantasy based game that has different scenarios, so you could play purely co-op if you chose to.

I've been playing quite a bit of Descent: Journey to the dark 2nd edition. You could marathon a campaign, but each individual quest can be played in under an hour.

Zombicide is a purely coop game. However, the rules for the game aren't the greatest or cleanest. Lots of fun, just prepare to write up a few house rules.

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I love board games and was in a club for them in college where all we did was play for a few hours on Monday nights :)

My favorite types are cooperative like Pandemic, Defenders of the Realm, etc. But I also love Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Battle Star Galactica, Seven Wonders, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I don't play Agricola as much as I'd like to, but now there's an app for that ;)

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I absolutly love Axis and Allies, i play it whenever i can. Too bad that is fewer than i would like nowadays.