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Ok, this is bugging me. I've recently been watching a bit of DTM racing, and can't figure out what a particular bit of gear in the cockpit is used for.

See here. What is the vaguely wheel-shaped thing with the gauge in the middle directly to the right of the steering wheel? Some sort of suspension balance control maybe?

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I have no clue. I have never noticed that thing before today. I tried looking online for some info and didnt really get anything. I wonder what would be important enough to be adjustable inside the car but not important enough to be done from the wheel.

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Do these cars even have adjustable front downforce? I was thinking that is a front ride height adjuster with a pressure gauge.

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I think it is the brake bias adjustment - front to back. It says here that it is "continually variable" by the driver.

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Yes it is the break balance. They can adjust the downforce but only in the pitlane.

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This DTM season is off to a good start btw. Nice to see Paul Di Resta and Vitaly Petrov racing in it after loosing seats in F1 last year - and joining Timo Glock as old F1 hands. Timo did good last race coming 5th. It is also neat to see Mercedes struggling with their cars as a refreshing counterpoint to their run-away success in F1! (No points scored at all with no Merc finishing in the top 10 of this 3 make series)

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Bmw quitting F1 and dominates Dtm meanwhile Merc gives all its love to F1 :)