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First off, I apologize if this is a little icky.

I can't remember what prompted this, but the other day I realized that I didn't know whether ear wax was something that the body generates, like snot, or if it was just an accretion of dust and other airborne gunk that settles in the ear, like belly button lint or whatever.

Or maybe it's a combination of both, like a bunch of assorted crud suspended in some kind of bodily substance?

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They've invented this great ubiquitous new Lord called "the internet". I've heard tell you can go and ask "the internet" shit like this via its shamen "Google" and "Wikipedia".

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It's a secretion.

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Also, your body fucking makes ear wax. CMON MAN.

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Ear wax (cerumen) is generated in the part of the ear where you find it. It's a combination of mostly dead skin bound together by fatty acids and cholesterol secreted from specialized glands in there.

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Why would you ask this in a video game forum? Have you heard of Google? Bing? Ask Jeeves, for fuck sake.

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@Tackchevy: Kudos on providing a useful response devoid of icky images!

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Also, it's not a good idea to clean it out at all. You're supposed to leave it in there. You can only clean the outer ear lobes, not in the hole. DON'T STICK IT IN THE HOLE!

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Maybe you should check this out?

If only there was a website that tested things seen on tv.