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Virago said:
"sculsoldi3r said:
"Virago said:
"Timothy said:
"South Park definitely.
Every Family Guy episode goes like this:
"Hey remember when this crazy thing happened"
(stupid flashback)
"Yeah, what about this other time"
(another flashback with 80s pop culture reference)
Over and over and over again. The first 100 times they did this it was funny, but I just can't stand it anymore.

SOOOOOO true."
I enjoyed seasons three and four. The rest..... meh. I just wait for stweie to try and kill lois."
I dont even bother to remeber the season I just watch repeats cause usually from first few seasons
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South Park is intellegent, funny, and makes light of alot of relevent social and political topics in the world today. The show is funny as hell, and thought provoking at the same time.

Family Guy is a montage of lame pop culture referances slung together in a half hour without much of a plot thread to give any signifigance to any single episode. Family Guy is the kind of comedy aimed at entertaining the masses, and built from the ground up to appeal to the lowest common denomiator of televison viewers.

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South Park. Family Guy is good to watch once, maybe twice (per episode) but South Park doesn't get old as easily.

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I don't really watch South Park that much, but Family Guy is usually on when I turn Adult Swim on and its pretty funny.

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South Park 5 years ago. If your talking about South Park now then they're both useless.

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Family Guy

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I prefer Family Guy.

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I'll like to see an season in which the South Park kids are teenagers.

PS... That reminds me of Maggie (The Simpsons). Is Maggie "ever" going to grow up, she's has been a one year old for the past 20 years.

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ExoM7 said:
"Is 'neither' an option?
It should be.
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South Park (the earlier episodes). I can't stand Family Guy's gag formula "You think that's bad? Remember when [insert random situation]".

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i love 'em both
but south park is more.. i dunno it just appeals to me more
but family guy is written better