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I only recently bought VVVVV and am loving it. The soundtrack is one of my favourites.

Make sure you use the 720p option

This one in particular I love, probably due to the amount of time I spent trying to get the collectable in this particular area.

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Hmm, probably doesn't count as recent, but "One more Soul to the Call" from Silent Hill: Homecoming has intrigued me from the start.

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Every dubstep interlude from Saints Row 3. They are pretty great.

Also, the main theme for Skyrim. Obviously.

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See, the most recent game song I fell in love with was also from VVVVVV, but it was Positive Force for its unadulterated fake-Guile's-Themeliness. Before that, it'd be something from Rayman Origins, Saints Row The Third, or the Dragonborn theme from Skyrim.

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Any of the songs from Bastion. That soundtrack was the closest a piece of music has brought me to tears in years. Such a great game.

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I enjoyed this quite a bit while playing LA Noire. Left it in the background quite a bit -- downtempo Jazz can be evocative, lurid, thoughtful & generally fantastic.

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The Dustforce sound track is really cool, I've been listening to it a lot while doing work. Here's the first song:


You can stream the whole thing here (or buy it) and it's also available on Spotify.

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I listen to this track everytime I pop in Rayman: Origins.

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The music from Crusader Kings 2 is the best music in any game I have played in a long long time.

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ANYTHING from the Rayman: Origins soundtrack, I'll just post one track but seriously, every bit of music in this game is incredible.

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I loved most of the tracks on K12 in Saints Row: The Third. My favourite was probably 'Neckbrace' by Ratatat. I also liked 'Sports' on the Adult Swim station.

...I was also a sucker for the 'muzak' in Dead Rising 2. Back when I was playing it, I often left the sound on when it was paused. Nice study music. I know some people can't stand muzak, but I personally love it.

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Saint's 3.

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@wigg: Heck yeah! That song is also my favorite song on the VVVVVV soundtrack, still listen to it every now and then.
@FancySoapsMan: Literally my least favorite song on that soundtrack :x though it has grown on me a bit since I got the soundtrack for myself. I think I just hate the second half of it, feels so out of place on the Historia Crux. I think my favorite song on the soundtrack is the sunny weather theme in the Steppes. Certainly not for everyone I guess, but man I find it so freaking catchy. 
Also in the same vein of VVVVVV I just recently finished No More Heroes 2 and I could not get enough of the victory ranking screen music, I was so sad it only lasted a few seconds each time.  
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Really like this one.

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You can't beat this.

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@Zenaxzd: You mean you like the red chocobo song better? >__>

I just like the way it sounds while I'm loading the game. it's a nice song.

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@Joker369: Another amazing one! Song is so great as well.


: I do actually haha, Crazy Chocobo is meant to be a joke song and the lyrics are quite hilarious. To be fair the Historia Crux song starts out really awesome, but I just am not a huge fan of the vocals in the second half of it. Luckily I rarely spend enough time on the crux to ever hear the second half of the song, I suppose. 
Also I think this popped up in a similar thread but all the music in Jamestown is amazing, fairly recent game as well. 
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My favorite song from any game last year.

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They are not really songs but the music in Split/second was great.

This song is great from the 1 min mark.

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NO.1 THEME TUNE RECENT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!1111!11!!

Edit: On a serious note, this song is like a master class in how to write a theme tune that perfectly fits up the atmosphere of a game rather than "LOL MAKE IT SOUND LIKE HANS ZIMMER, OK SOUNDTRACK DUN GUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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one of the menu songs on rotation in super mnc, the chiptune one. not sure the actual title but it's awesome.

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The obvious choice.

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There is one in Asura's Wrath I like. Be forewarned, there are some spoilers on the youtube page with the song, so if you want to hear it, then here it is, but don't read anything on the page if you don't want spoilers for the game.

That one popped in my head probably because I just finished playing the game yesterday. Aside from that I agree with all the people posting Rayman Origins songs. Every song in that game is great.

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Mighty Switch Force has a neat soundtrack.

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@EuanDewar said:

Fucking goddamn yes. This song made me enjoy that stupid first boss fight. Not kidding.

I know Rayman Origins is getting posted a lot, but really guys, if you're going to forget the best one, I guess I can fill in the blanks:

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@iAmJohn: I really liked Syndicate but I have no problem saying my favourite thing about the entire product was the balls they had to make a Dubstep remix of the theme from the original game not only the first boss fight music but literally the last thing in the game.

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Anything from VVVVVV or the remix CD, both great.

Also, Secunda from Skyrim.