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Though I subscribed to Electronic Gaming Monthly, I did not have a significant online presence on 1UP.

I posted 23 blogs on 1UP from July 2007 to June 2008. I had 13 friends, all people I already knew from GameSpot. It was here that I read Gamingeek Weekly, until it died and was reborn as The VG Press. After that there was little reason for me to stay at 1UP. I could keep track of my friends well enough on GameSpot, Giant Bomb, and The VG Press. As time went on, I left GameSpot and The VG Press behind as well.

My interests consisted solely of "video games". I liked to "play video games" and "read about video games". My tastes were "sweet", "salty", "sour" and "bitter".

As I leave this account forever, I leave behind a inspirational message from my 1UP inbox.

Hello I'm YoGi! ViSit LoveMyL.Com - BeCause Today iS a GoOd Day ^_^