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So I was wondering if anyone is thinking about making a documentary about Giantbomb. If not then I am very interested in doing so. You could call it How to Build a Bomb ( yes I know about the original video series they did, just a working title). It could span the guys' childhoods and how they got into games, lead into the gamespot days and end with the hiring of Patrick and the future of the site and the guys. Just wanted to throw the idea out there. It might sound far-fetched to actually pull off, but I wanted to see what people thought.

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For some reason, these two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Soft guitar music
  • Wilford Brimley is narrating it.
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I have envisioned such a thing but it would require unfettered access to the giant bomb dudes, their willingness to share more info then maybe we already (their feelings on stuff?) and require a lot of people giving a shit about the project. Maybe even funding. 
The better person to be in touch with would be the giant bomb guys and if they dont answer it's probably they don't want to do it.

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Giant Bomb is not Polygon. Let's keep it that way.

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@DeeGee said:

Giant Bomb is not Polygon. Let's keep it that way.

What if they made fun of Polygon in the process? Like a mockumentary?

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Um are you qualified for it? how much do you know about the site and the dudes? Not to be discriminatory but you only have a few posts.

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@Video_Game_King said:

For some reason, these two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Soft guitar music
  • Wilford Brimley is narrating it.
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I've had the idea, but I never gave it any serious consideration. As a film student and a frequenter of the site for a few years, I feel like I would probably be capable of doing it, but to make such a film would not only require full support by the whole crew but it would also take time (on both the filmmaker's part as well as the guys') and a decent amount of cash. You also have to think about what the documentary itself would be about. Just interviewing them, recording their lives, and giving backstory on them likely wouldn't make for a very interesting film to anyone outside the community or familiar with the guys. The best documentaries construct a narrative and an argument. I'm not convinced the guys has lives that are dramatic enough to warrant documentation, and they would probably agree (and they probably prefer it that way).

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I hope you aren't serious.

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I'm definitely interested in watching such. But making one? I doubt I'll do any good.

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Couldn't you use the hours and hours and hours of video and audio content that is already available to make one? Including using stuff from the Drive Home videos and such. Could be an interesting exercise anyway.

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@RazielCuts: Ahaha I remember watching this when Giant Bomb was in its infancy stages. Brings back memories.

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Whoever makes it, make sure to put this video in:

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@gaminghooligan: Thanks... you made me open another damn tab in Chrome just so I could continue to browse GB and listen to that damn addictive tune. Also, acid flashbacks of the endurance runs. Jerk! =)

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Yes, we need another excuse for giantbomb to stop producing content.

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@TyCobb: just watched the Brad/Ryan ER. I have been whistling that damns song for the past three days. Hoping there's nothing in the Persona 4 ER that's as catchy or I might just slip into catchy tune mania.

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@joey said:

Whoever makes it, make sure to put this video in:

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He may have been wrong about FF in Japan, but he got it right about Brutal Legend.

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I think it could be interesting in the distant future. Has GB actually been around long enough to warrant a documentary? I don't really think so.

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Idk they've already put so much of that information out there. Doesn't seem all that necessary to me. If you can actually get access to them to make it well, it could be good though.

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Hey dude if you could make it, I'd definitely watch it.

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I would watch it but Im not sure how it would differ from any other site content. Its not like they have hidden any of the behind the scenes stuff from us. The sites basically a reality show.

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I can't imagine unless you get the greatest bullshitting editor in the world enough interesting events could be tied together to make a whole documentary.

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Why? They have videos of almost all the big events that happened to the website.

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There is a lengthy and awesome documentary about Giant Bomb already. It's called www.giantbomb.com. Seriously though, the site documents itself in the most amazing way possible.

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@RazielCuts said:
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Goddamn I forgot how hilarious all of those fake Polygon videos were.
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I'd love to see a Giant Bomb/2 Player Productions doco a la the Double Fine Adventure making of.

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I don't think it's necessary cause we know how giant bomb was made we have video proof and podcasts.

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@DeeGee said:

Giant Bomb is not Polygon. Let's keep it that way.

A fan-made documentary is entirely different than having your marketing company make one. Also, Polygon's whole thing was ridiculous because they weren't even a site yet, but Giant Bomb has a sizeable and established history. Almost all of the Giant Bomb guys are some of the most well respected members of the games "journalism" industry.

I'd watch it and love it if the makers were giving all the access they'd need to really make something great.

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For the name of the documentary, how about "How They Built the Bomb". It's already been built, sooo....

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@joey said:

Whoever makes it, make sure to put this video in:

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I don't care about the topic of this thread at all, but I now demand the man interviewing Jeff be brought onto the Giant Bomb crew. I'm not even joking, I need that man on the Bombcast.

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Your profile picture reminded me of this....   

The funniest thing ever
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Kickstart it

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I really don't know, but the guys don't seem like they would agree to sit down and share stories for a documentary. I don't see how it would turn out to be good if you didn't have them participate in it. Just my take.

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I'm still actively thinking about it.

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This is something I think about often... AND IT SHOULD HAPPEN

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Instead of making the documentary itself, they should just make a sendup introduction to a fake documentary as if it were on PBS. Make it a mixture of the gravitas of Ken Burns "Civil War" and "Too Many Cooks".

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I always thought the "origin" story of Giant Bomb could have made for a great dokumentary. Someone Jeffs whole arch after he got fired, the other guys quitting and following him, setting up GB, having succes with the site and eventually being sold back to CBS. That could have been a great movie about corperate ethics, friendship, Jeff's determination to do something different and how corperate "suits" still decided his future even after he tried to get away from all (with Whiskey's sale of GB to CBS).

Right now, I don't think there's much of a movie to be found in just filming the guys and having them talk about the video games and the business. There's no conflict and you need conflict to create a good story. As a fan I would obviously watch any movie about the guys, but I don't think a movie like that would have a lot of merit outside of this community. Besides considering the tousands of hours of footage and sound there are of the guys from the last 5 years, we have a pretty big mirror into their lives already.

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For some reason, these two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Soft guitar music
  • Wilford Brimley is narrating it.

nooooo he'll just say that they all have diabeetus!

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I think they are plenty exhausted by the amount of exposure they get already. I can't see any of the staff being too stoked about a further intrusion into their personal lives.