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The man behind the art for Dark Seed 1-2, Alien and Prometheus has passed away

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Also the same guy who helped make the artwork for the Tryptikon albums, Ibanez guitars and more.

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I've just recently watched the documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune" on which Giger was featured as well. Brilliant artist. He left a lasting impression on a multitude of mediums. His designs for the Alien movies are probably my absolute favorite creature and world designs to this day.

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Wow, this one hits me the hardest. He was a huge influence on me as an artist. I always loved more his environmental art and just seeing it just flow out into bones and structure. Always just swept away into other worlds with his art. And it wasn't that alone the writing, the designs, all of it, man, just amazing how much he put into his work.

I'll miss him a lot.

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That's really sad to hear. Definitely one of my favorite designers. And yeah that dune documentary is solid.

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Alien is one of my very favourite films and the creature design was a big part of that.

So much sci-fi is ruined by crappy looking monster design


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Damn. His work was always awesome.

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Did he also do the cover of Emerson Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery?

Both his work and his gaze were absolutely terrifying. RIP

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I'm gonna miss him.

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I enjoyed his work because it was pretty creepy. RIP

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RIP Giger. You brought us some great, unforgettable nightmares.

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His work on Alien alone makes him one of my faves. RIP

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I think in a couple of interviews he mentioned that a lot of his designs were a result of constant vivid nightmares.

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Biology and machines have never been assimilated better and more grotesquely. Sad to see him go.

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@xyzygy: Yes, that album cover was the first thing I thought of. I'll be listening to some Brain Salad Surgery today.

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Visited one of his art exhibitions a handful of years ago, some pretty good and twisted imagery hanging over there...and that dining room set of his!

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Sad to see such a unique talent go.Tom G. Fischer (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon) released an honest and touching statement earlier about his friendship with Giger and their long collaboration.

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Aw shit...RIP Duder.

If you'll excuse me I'll be off to my opium den.

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I loved his work on Aliens.

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Bummer. i was way into his artwork when i was younger and use to emulate his style a lot. I'll have to dig out the Necronomicon books of his.


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Damn, RIP. :(

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Damn....One of my favorite artist. RIP

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He was 74 and died because of injuries from an accident. That's a bummer. I've visited his museum in Gruyères, it's alright. A lot of his stuff is phallic, I guess.

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Wonderfully weird dude. Left his mark that's for sure. RIP

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Dude loved to draw dicks like nobody else.

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@bob_loblaw: Is this based on anything or just totally random?

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He made some twisted art, and designed one of the coolest creatures in movie history.

Game over man, game over.