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Alright, so, Halloween is coming up soon and in the Battlefield 3 TNT, someone mentioned gummy bears.

And, don't tell any one you guys, but I hate can't stand gummy bears. Or any gummy candy or chews, really. I find them gross and replusive. ESPECIALLY the ones that are made to look like real food. Such as french fries, hamburgers, pizza... The only gummy candies/chews that are really tolerable in my most professional opinion are sour gummy worms and Sour Patch Kids. The ones that I did not hesisitate to throw out or at other Trick-or-Treaters as a kid were the fruity Tootsie Rolls, the caramel cubes, the Dots, the Milk Duds, and the Whoppers. Especially the whoppers.

I always preferred the weird neighbors who gave out random amounts of coins, pencils, spider rings, or raisins. Yep. Raisins. I thought that was hysterical and I liked 'em anyways, so... I also fought to keep the PayDays and Snickers.

What about you guys? What candy did you immediately offer up to trade with your siblings/friends/other Trick-or-Treaters and what candy did you hide so that you could keep all to yourself?

And if you didn't Trick-or-Treat or anything like that, what candies are your favorites and what ones do you absolutely loathe and avoid at all costs?

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Oh American sweets.

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Beefy Media represent

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Any of those crappy, non-named brand, wrapped up candy. You know the type, that are usually just dull chocolate. Also look suspicious as heck!

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I always hid the PayDays. I used to trade the snickers though cause at the time I couldn't eat peanuts because of an allergy from meds I was on.

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@evildeadron: I BEAT YOU TO IT ALREADY, SO HA.

@Vaancor: Oh god, those terrify me. I always deemed those the most likely to have razor blades in them.

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Favorite candy type was always the solid-chocolate coins they handed out sometimes. Usually gave up anything like Warheads/gumballs and the chewier candies.

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behold the greatest candy of them all....Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

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I like Twix a lot, but I hate those shitty lollipops and hard candy's.

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Reese's. Peanut. Butter. Cups.

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I love Twix, Kit-Kat Bars, Snickers, Butterfingers and Mr. Goodbar. Gummy bears are pretty awesome too.

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I already went through my allotment of paydays for holloween. have another bag plus snickers plus peanut m+N's for the kids.

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Oh man, I'm gonna get so F'd up on candy... can't wait.

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Candy corn is the bane of all sweets, love me some Snickers and Reese's though oh hershey milk chocolate bar are bomb too.

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Hell is Candy Corn.

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I love the fruity tootsie rolls!

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@Hailinel said:

Hell is Candy Corn.


@Elyk247: I hope you don't mean the safety lollies. I actually really like those.

...I also sense a sugar coma in my near future...

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I looooove me some Candy Corn. I realize that, as candy goes, it's kinda crappy, but man, I can decimate a bag of that given the opportunity.

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I love all sweets! Candy CANDY CANDY!!!!!!! Makes me feel dandy and randy :)

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@Sparklykiss: I maintain that Swedish Fish are amazing

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@Elyk247: @Axxol: You guys just reminded me that I don't really like Twix, either!

@Commisar123: Banned! Blegh.

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@Sparklykiss said:

@Elyk247: @Axxol: You guys just reminded me that I don't really like Twix, either!

@Commisar123: Banned! Blegh.

You're a monster. Twix are awesome.

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I would tackle a small child for Sweet Tarts and Bottle Caps.

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I love Kit-Kats and Snickers. Those are my go to candys. I do really enjoy Gummy stuff aswell. For candy I hate... hmmm I don't like Hard Candys. Oh, and even though I like gummy stuff, I HATE Haribo Fried Eggs.

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@Axxol: They were great when I was a kid! But now I pass them over or give them away immediately. Isn't it better to give?

@deadmanforking said:

I HATE Haribo Fried Eggs.

I forgot those existed, ewwwwwwwwww.

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I'm fine with gummy bears but yeah, those fried eggs and stuff like you get in Haribo are awful. As a kid I usually preferred fruit-flavoured lollipops or anything chocolate and I disliked anything that seemed too weird or cheap. You're right though, raisins are the shit!

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I really like dark chocolate. Which is the best kind of chocolate. THE best.

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I can't really stand caramel even when it's covered in chocolate, don't really like peanut brittle either. Jellybeans and gummy candies are alright in my book.

@RetroVirus said:

Reese's. Peanut. Butter. Cups.

The best of the best.

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I will not be having candy this year. Kinda just realized that...kinda sad :(

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The only halloween candy I have strong negative feelings about are popcorn balls. Popcorn balls are lame.

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Not a huge fan of candy at all, but I love me some goddamn PAYDAY bars.

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@Gamer_152 said:

You're right though, raisins are the shit!

I knew we'd agree on something someday.

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I probably won't be eating much this year, but I do like Twix, Reese's, Take-5, Mounds, Junior Mints etc... for those of you dissin' American candy... what do you like? I lived in New Zealand for a few years and didn't find their selection much better... Milky Bars? Come on. Gross.

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I still hold great affection for Warheads. No one man should have all that sour, but damned if they aren't all kinds of addictive. I also go nuts for Werther's Originals.

Least favorite? Probably Sugar Daddies. They're tasty, but the struggle involved in eating them is way disproportionate to the satisfaction of the flavor. Same goes for Jolly Ranchers, if you make the mistake of trying to chew them.

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I actually don't really like candy. Especially halloween candy, it's all nestle and cadbury and hershey shitty shitty quality. I loooove me some chocolate, but only the really nice quality stuff, and dark chocolate.

Though I do like Swedish Fish.. those are really good. I thought Djungelvral or whatever was not as horrid as I'd expect. I guess I was prepared for the saltiness. I'd probably have some more given the opportunity. But I'd need me some water.

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I happen to love most gummi candies, snickers and reeses, but I outright reject candy corn and anything with the "Balmers'" brand. Those things are nasty as hell. >_<

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Butterfingers and starbursts are pretty good

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Throwing Milk Duds? Wtf. You should be crucified for sacrilege.

I love Milk Duds, 1k Grand Bars, English Toffee (not really handed out) so I'll substitute Heath bars in, Kit Kats, Crunch Bar, Whoppers and Dove Chocolates.

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I like Milky Ways, Grand Bars, and normal chocolate. :D