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Quick question, would using a HDMi splitter so my Xbox is connected to the capture card and my tv at the same time cause any issues with playing it?

The reason I am wanting this is because unless you have the PVR 2 connected to your PC you have no signal and therefore can't play the Xbox, and the way I have my leads setup it isn't easy to change and swap cables around.

This is how I imagine I could setup the splitter and if I have figured it out correctly I could be playing on HDMi 1 on my Xbox without the PVR being on at all, and then if I wanted to record/stream I could just turn the capture card on, connect it to my laptop and get started.

Is this the case or would the signal being split to 2 inputs on my TV cause issues either with the Xbox, capture card or tv?

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What you need is HDMI Switch not splitter. I would recommend checking Part # HDMI-3DSW-2P.

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Uh, doesn't the PVR do HDMI passthrough? Why do you need a splitter? Worried about input latency? If you're not hooking the PVR up to a PC, what is it connected to? An Atomos Ninja or something?

EDIT: Oh, I get it now. Yeah, you'll want an HDMI switch if you want to leave everything hooked it at the same time. I just get up and swap cables for my stuff, though.