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So my girlfriend has a music collection of over 5000 songs and when we transferred them to my Mac, we found ourselves with 45 less tracks. The question is, without having to check each track one by one, is there an easier way to find which tracks are missing on the PC? Any help would be really appreciated.

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I don't know about the PC, but on the Gamecube version of iTunes you can just z-target them.

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I can pretty much guarantee that there is not.

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What do you mean transferred them? I'm not familiar with Macs. 
My suggestion would be to transfer the songs from the Mac to a new folder on the PC, then move the PC songs (originals) to the new folder, and you'll get prompted for copying or replacing the files. Skip the copying and the PC will only move the 45 songs that the new folder does not have.

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Maybe the previous library had duplicates and this one doesn't?

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If the location of the files are different then your SOL. From your question it seems they are not all in the same location. Your best bet would be to find which songs are missing and then pull up the Info tab in iTunes and see the songs location.

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Well thanks guys, but I figured it out. What I did was create a playlist and called it something like Music that I Have or something. I then took my entire collection and tried to put it in that playlist, what happens is iTunes checks the songs and whatever is missing got the infamous exclamation mark. From there, I just had to locate where the actual files where on the PC, so that worked out. Thanks for the suggestions!