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So I will have problems either with windows or with tech. I try to use tested, but i dont always get an immediate response. Do you guys know of a tech forum with a lot of people on it? A place i can potentially ask a question and get an answer almost immediately?

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I like using overclock.net

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Allow me to add MSFN.org to the list.

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Before the WM split, I found the tested forums were quite active but I too have noticed a decline in activity on those boards.

I'll second the nomination for Toms Hardware, even just searching their forum could yield helpful results in a lot of cases.

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@mustachioeugene: @Bell_End: Tom's seems like the way to go. there are a lot of subforums on it.

I wouldnt mind seeing some other suggestions though...

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Anandtech seems to have a fairly active forum, and alot of them seem to know their stuff. Whenever I read a thread there about the technical side of CPUs they make me feel stupid.

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Seven Forums, if you have Windows 7. They fixed a BSOD problem I had a while back.

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Ah, poor Tested. 'Tis ground that I stomp, as they say, but it's true; it's not especially active. But yeah, Tom's Hardware, Overclock.net, Seven Forums, Anandtech, etc. What everyone else said.

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