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First off I couldn't find a post your mixlr thread so I guess this is one? Anyway I'm playing music on there right now so check it out if you want. Or post your own for other people to check out.

I play alot of really random and different things. Its varies from hip-hop to jpop/kpop to video game music among other stuff too.

heres me:


EDIT: About to finish my first hour. Probably gonna go for another.

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Glad you posted this! I'm using Mixlr to sort through my music for playlists and the like. I try to stream stuff every couple of nights after Jeff's broadcast. My page is:


I'm not sure what's going on with the Mixlr site, but lately I've been unable to reply in chat or change my profile/settings after I log in, anyone else have this issue?

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I actually DJ. Here are some showreel's of mine. I don't use mixlr anymore. I built a Linux box that serves my djing stuff live. Basically, mixlr is using a software called Icecast to do what it is doing. So, I just applied that software and run my own server.

Edit: There is a windows version of icecast where you can setup your own windows djing server.

WORD OF WARNING: I used to use mixlr to test out a bunch of stuff. So, there are some mixes that sound like absolute garbage cause I am testing out different cue points. Also, mixing things out of key to see if they have any reason to be together. I'm sure there are some good things on that reel though.

http://rickyyo.bigmoney.biz This is my personal homepage. I just use it as a link dumb and for when I live broadcast.

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Wow thats cool stuff. I'm mostly just using it as an excuse to listen to more music. Still jammin btw. just started another hour.

Edit: i'm playing stuff right now but probably not for much longer other wise I would bump the thread.

Its Wed, 12:10pm PST.

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Actually I have 45 min left on this hour so I'm just gonna finish it. so anyone who wants to listen come on in. Still waiting for a heart or a comment or a listener...

I'm feeling pretty happy with this hour so I'm totally posting it to my showreel if anyone missed it.