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I finally got a chance to catch up to the series on Hulu Plus and just gotta say right off the bat my initial thoughts were a Blade Runner cop drama rip off. Now this isn't necessarily such a bad thing considering if you enjoyed that universe like myself it has everything there in terms of influences of a Phillip K. Dick cyberpunk world. So far the casting has been alright, Michael Ealy as Dorian is pretty good but I just couldn't imagine this show being picked up if Karl Urban wasn't in it playing the lead. I'm reserving myself from calling this show a must watch because of how JJ Abrams produced stuff really hasn't had the midas touch on TV since Lost ended but I've been enjoying what I've seen so far.

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alright, but the superior monday night fox show is sleepy hollow.

Maybe because I'm really tired of the procedural, no matter how they wrap it up in blade runner or i robot

also I am reminded of Dredd whenever Urban talks real gruff, which is a shame since that was awesome and this is merely alright

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I'm enjoying it so far. It seems like it's going to be some fun sci-fi. I'm definitely enjoying Fox Monday night's with this and Sleepy Hollow.

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@animasta: @vanick: Sleepy Hollow is good? When I saw Orlando Jones in it thought of 7up and turned it off. Might give it a go then.

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@animasta: @vanick: Sleepy Hollow is good? When I saw Orlando Jones in it thought of 7up and turned it off. Might give it a go then.

it's fantastic. It's crazy (while also plotted reasonably well) both of the leads are amazing and charismatic, the FX are well done and it's just so damned amazing. It's self aware without being aggrevatingly so, it's serious without being dour, and it's pretty hilarious.

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I only watched the Sunday episode. But so far it seems alright. Has potential. I'll watch this season and see where it goes.

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Great two lead actors, okay plots so far. Supporting cast is meh. Its sort of the inverse of Defiance where the supporting cast was awesome and the leads were meh. Obviously if the choice is between Karl Urban and not Karl Urban Karl Urban wins, always. Why is every Sci-Fi show a police procedural drama?

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@i_stay_puft: Sleepy Hollow is a good mix of comedy and horror with some action thrown in. It doesn't take it self too seriously which is a good thing when the show has an axe wielding assault rifle firing headless horseman. The chemistry between the two leads helps too.

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So damn much exposition. I hate that.

Also, I'm really tired of everything seemingly starting off as another procedural, particularly when it comes to sci-fi.

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I really like the show. It and Sleepy hollow were pleasant surprises this season. SciFi hasn't had anything worth watching since BattleStar Galactica. At lease the half of Fox that isn't evil stepped up.

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Almost human is almost good. There's too much cheese and too much pop sci-fi but the music is interesting and it at least tries to take on interesting themes.

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I was iffy on the show, but then the skin episode bought a lot of good will from me. When the show goes elbow deep inside the borderliiiine into its chest of themes it can pull out some real great work. Right now the show as a whole seems to be alternating between ponderous sci-fi and typical network procedural. I think, given time, it can find the kind of balance that The X-Files achieved. I do not invoke that lightly.

TL;DR I like it.

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At the moment I only watch it because Urban and Ealy have an entertaining rapport. If the show were cancelled, I would not be overly upset because I don't believe it's done enough with its premise to stand out. Primarily, the show is supposed to be set in some Robocop-like future where cops are getting killed left and right, and yet where Robocop has cops talking about striking in a grungy locker room, Almost Human has a bunch of beautiful people in a pristine building flirting with each other and setting up fake dating profiles. I guess it has a consistent tone, it just isn't the tone it needs to make the most of its future setting.