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I’m relatively new to the forums and spouted what some would call blasphemy. Now I understand that I broke a rule that most of you work really hard to uphold but as one poster said “everybody get one”. Negative Criticism always cuts a little, but I feel I’m particularly immune to it havein gone through an art program in college where about half of the “students” are just full time ass holes. I don’t feel that I should apologize because I was both banned and flamed so bad I’m now extra crispy, but instead I’ll keep jumping in feet first until someone doesn’t try to run me off doing the best I can to bring some proficient writing and hopefully and observation every now and then.

Now I’m not that naive to things that this post alone isn’t going to fan the fire of less than savory comments, but as an older(ish) I had forgotten my audience and that’s the worst thing that I can possibly do. I don’t have a lot of time to spend watching quick looks and endurance runs all night but do want to be a part of the community and have time here and there to catch a video or browse the forums.

I guess I run into my question. I’ve tried starting out with blog posts, which I will continue to write for the 1 person that comments, and I’ve called in to the bomcast, but besides starting flame topics (I swear I will never do on purpose) what’s the best venue for people to read what you write?

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*sigh* What the hell did you do, and why are you "apologizing" for it?

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Blog posts, just click "publish to forums". Make sure it's actually somewhat discussable though.

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The Wiki is a good place to contribute, if you go to a big enough page and make it very detailed. Even if it is not a big page for the few people who might stumble across your work, you'll still have enriched their day and that alone is satisfying enough. Everyone gets one, duder. I don't know what you did but I don't need to know either since you do clearly want to make amends.

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I spammed. It caused an uproar.

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A lot of people make threads that are spam by accident. Don't sweat it.

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Everyone spams at least once, whether it be on accident or on purpose.

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who the hell do you think you are!?

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I'm not worried about the spamming, shit happens, just won't let it happen again. I think my next project is a Review of TO for the PSP. Damn good game. Just keep following the links on the site and it seems it will eventually take you somewhere interesting. I can count on it never taking long either.

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Well for starters, don't get so butt hurt when someone doesn't find what you post funny. The joke was lame and people weren't afraid to let you know that. We have a lot of older(ish) people in this community, so age isn't the reason why no one found the joke amusing.

Write something worth reading and you'll get more comments. Either your work is interesting, or it isn't; there's no underlying wizardry or rocket science to it.

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@Zoidberg54 said:

I spammed. It caused an uproar.

Everything causes an uproar on Giant Bomb.
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So, basically, "I'm older(ish), and I should have realized that the audience around here is a bunch of assholes who waste their days watching every video here. I'm too busy for that. Sorry. Did I mention I'm super tolerant of your buffoonery and I went to art school? Well, fuck you, I'm gonna keep doing whatever the heck I want until one of you stops me! Again, sorry."

Honestly, this seems like a rather disingenuous apology or "making up for a mistake".

Though, hey, don't sweat it. Being disingenuous, sarcastic, or simply narcissistic is nearly a way of life for many around here. Welcome. As others have said, make a decent blog post or two and perhaps contribute to the Wiki. Unless you are consistently assholish, people around here generally won't care about anything you've done in the past. So, just try to write some interesting things that can contribute to good discussions and you'll be a-okay. :)

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I don't know man, I'm fairly new to the forums too. I like posting here and contributing to the wiki, posting blogs and stuff. It would be cool if people read what I wrote, but I don't expect it. I feel like if I write something interesting, people will notice but until then I will just post my thoughts and hope for the best.

I have found the internet to be a place where the gold gets sifted to the top for all to see and the dribble drops down out of sight. If you want people to see your stuff, write good stuff.

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@Breadfan said:

@Zoidberg54 said:

I spammed. It caused an uproar.

Everything causes an uproar on Giant Bomb.

Yep, pretty much.

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Just try not to do irritating things and, if you start a thread, think about the 'community involvement' part of whatever it is that you are discussing. If the topic at hand doesn't seem to go anywhere or won't stir discussion then don't post it.

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@Zoidberg54: A new review of Tactics Ogre on the PSP? Great game. I'll be interested to see your analysis of it. Any thoughts on how they could improve upon it for a future release(possibly on Vita)?

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@Zoidberg54: You think that was bad? Check out my "So...Max Payne is Dead" thread...DO NOT bump it. Although, i suppose i was kind of an asshole. Oh well, back to Canticle for Leibowitz.

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@TruthTellah: I don't think you took what I wrote in any way that I meant it. My art school comment wanted to prove that I could take criticism and want the "buffoons" to show me the ropes no matter how harsh they might do it. You're seeing the worst in what I wrote and twisting it so that I fit your image of a stodgy stereotype. I posted this to be sincere. I have no animosity or hatred of anyone here, even the guys who flamed me. All I really wanted to do was explain my position and ask for advice from the people you think I revile so much.

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@Zoidberg54: Don't worry about it, Zoidberg. I believe you. I was just saying what it sounded like, and I was being a good bit facetious. I believe you when you say you are sincere. I wish you the best of luck around here. :)

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@TruthTellah: Not to derail the conversation, but TO has turned out to be a gem that I couldn't put down despite some minor flaws. I'm really interested to write a review and then speculate where the series can go do.