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Thus movie popped into my head earlier today and it's been driving me crazy. I saw it on TV around 2006, and it looked relatively new so it was probably from the late 90's or early 2000's. The film was a murder mystery, some girl was killed in the ruins of a castle or maybe a lighthouse on the coast. Most of the flick took place in the woods at night and her 4 friends new what had happened. She also migh of been sacrificed, or there was at least some kind of paranormal thing going on with her death. That's all I've got, hopefully someone knows.

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I don't know what movie it is, but how is it a mystery if they know what happened?

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Now I'm intrigued.. please someone answer this!

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I will name it Joseph.

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@shadowconqueror: They don't come out right and tell you what happened. It's more of they know more than they're letting on to the popo, and slowly reveal stuff as they talk between each other.

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"White Girls"

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Jennifer's Body 2 : Jennifer's Bodies

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'I Know What You Did Last Summer'?

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@jasonr86 said:

'I Know What You Did Last Summer'?

That kind of fits the bill. Sounds very familiar but I can't place my finger on what film it is.

It also sounds a lot like the plot of Pretty Little Liars but that is a modern TV show not an older movie.

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@mrt: I am joking because a sequel to that crappy movie does not exist and never will. Though it does have some of the things mentioned in the OP.

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@daveyo520: I'm making that movie just to spite you. Look for it, Summer 2013.

...Man, I should really get going.

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@jjweatherman: P Probably the same amount of time they spent on the first one.

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If only there was a site like Giant Bomb, but for films....