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I just want to bring my inspiration story to those who have given up on losing weight.You can still enjoy what you love but don't let yourself go, think of the future. Aim for a better tomorrow.

Hi my name is Chris, I'm an avid casual gamer who have spent the majority of my life in front of a TV throughout the years playing and enjoying the beauty of gaming. It's been my greatest joy and also my curse. Socially I became closed and just lived inside my imaginary world. I started to eat because I was depressed and I was depressed because I kept getting fatter. Soon I pushed everyone away. I became obsessed living my imaginary life inside MMO's like World of Warcraft and such. Time passed on by, sitting in front of a computer, working just to continue playing my escape while closing the doors of myself. Last august, something changed inside me. I had a conversation with myself and we both decided it was time to open the doors. Use the escape that ruled me as a catalyst for a new journey.

My highest weight was 335 lbs.

It all started with Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii and DDR Max for the PS2. I stopped eating pizza, pasta, meat, rice, and everything else you can think of. I stopped drinking soda and just focused on water. I just ate salad and tuna fish every night, every day. I made sure I kept my protein and vitamin/mineral intake as high as possible, because soon Wii Fit and DDR Max would become my obsession. Starting August 1st and still going, I kept on pushing myself. I kept my calorie intake less than 700 calories per day, burned 1000+ calories every night. 5 days a week, resting on Friday and Saturday. I kept moving, never stopping, going out and meeting new people. I made it a journey, starting at level 1; I kept leveling up. 5 months later, I'm a new person. The journey will end one day, but level 90 is still far away, and I've kept myself in check every single day. Wii Fit gave me a daily purpose, it organized my thoughts and kept me motivated. DDR Max pushed me to my limits, how far can a fat guy move before getting tired. Later I added normal treadmill work and some weight lifting, I have surprised everyone who knows me. I have many friends now, many of them who have yet started to change themselves as well. I no longer have high blood pressure, I no longer take the countless pills that kept me alive. I see the world differently with a brightness I have not seen for many years. I'm currently 220 right now, but my goal of 180 is right around the corner. I give myself another 5 months. I'm still a gamer; one who will enjoy the countless new experiences for many years to come. Now I'm sure my children will also get to experience the beauty of gaming with their still living father by their side. If any of you are interested in following my footsteps and need to talk, I'm here for you.


August 1st 2013: 335 lbs

January 6th 2014: 220 lbs

40lbs left to goal

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Congrats! Takes a lot of dedication and work to make that kind of change.

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Congrats duder, your body and face are really starting to take shape. The journey only ends when you're dead (and even then, maybe not).

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I'm really not one to push the XOne on people (not the biggest MS fan) but the Fitness stuff looked really cool. Basically, you can buy or rent regular fitness videos and stream them, but instead of just working out to it as you would a DVD, the Kinect is programmed to watch your movements related to what you should be doing and gives you suggestions like, "lift your legs higher", and stuff when you're not. There are also achievements and tracking things to help motivate you to keep exercising regularly, just like you said Wii Fit helped you with.

Definitely worth checking out. And good luck!

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I'd fuck you... in a platonic way.

Awkward behavior aside, congratulations man!

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Looking good duder. Congrats and keep it up!

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Congrats duder! Keep up the good work.

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That's incredible how you were able to lose the bulk of it in 5 months.

How has your diet changed?

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Congrats man! Story is really inspiring keep it up!

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That's awesome. You really kicked that fat's ass.

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Awesome inspirational story. I think I have been inspired to hit them gym tonight.

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I like fat people, don't get thing please!

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That's awesome, dude. Great job! Seeing how well the Xbox One handles the fitness stuff makes me think that a lot more people will be able to make a connection between games and exercise that will encourage and motivate them to stick with the lifestyle change

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The weight loss is great and all but I think your epic beard has been seriously neglected :(

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Huge congrats duder!

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bad ass job dude, congrats

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A few of my friends have been shedding the pounds also, It's quite inspiring. Good job buddy, I love reading inspirational stuff like this.