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I have a problem in general with sports of any kind where the score is figured by judges. Clearly I don't know enough about diving to be an accurate judge, but even with that I can see that it isn't even or fair across everyone. Now the Chinese were some of the favorites, but to me it seems like they got higher scores because of it. I'm watching the mens diving right now and saw some of the women the other night. When you see someone make a small mistake or splash their score falls, but the chinese diver makes similar mistake or splash and almost no penalty. I understand the idea that different dives have different difficulty. Anyone else who has been watching diving or gymnatics let me know what you think.

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I agree, judges are bullshit.

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I agree, judges are bullshit.
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None of the judges use replays either, they just judge it by the dive itself, which just seems crazy that some sports don't use that stuff.

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I didn't even realize they can't use replays, that's overly surprising since so many other sprts in the olympics do use replays. I saw some wrestling earlier and they were using replays to score correctly.

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I only saw a little bit of boxing, cause after a few fight it was clear that the scoring was completely fucked. I did enjoy the Tony Atlas as the announcer though cause he knew the scoring system was fucked too. He would be like "the fighter from Cuba should win, but lets wait and see who the jusges give the fight to."

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Any sport with judges is complete horseshit. The subjectivity ruins everything.

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@BraveToaster: Fortunately, that Japanese boxer saw the decision overturned and he did get to go on. Olympic Boxing specifically has seen issues this Olympics thanks to corruption. Five referees have been kicked out for improper conduct related to corruption. Azerbaijan specifically is being investigated for supposedly paying millions of dollars to criminal organizations to influence referees to get medals in Boxing.

Fortunately, divers and a number of other sports do have more oversight, and many of the judging issues have been responded to appropriately in this Olympics. As far as diving goes, there has been a lot done to improve fairness. People need to realize that they're looking at things that we often can't easily see, such as specific achieved angles, height, splash, and overall difficulty. The Chinese have consistently attempted more difficult dives and achieved near perfect angles and splashes. Even with various mistakes like other divers, they have generally achieved better scores simply off technical details that judges are specifically looking for. I can understand why it might seem odd to some, but people must understand that they are Olympic judges for a reason.

And look at the 10m diving tonight! It really showed that the Chinese aren't just given special treatment. You do better dives; you get better scores. Plain as that.

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I'm a huge mma fan and judges are the worst in any sport. My experience in watching diving is that I have no idea what is going on. A lot of the time what I thought was good was mediocre and what I thought was bad was really good, so I just gave up. I'll tell you who always gets it right....Ice Skating, the judges usually get it right with little to no controversies

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even the last dives tonight showed that chinese get great scores. The chinese lost cause the made very large mistakes while still finishing 3 and 5. The Brit, may have not had the hugest of difficulty but the chinese guy was still given 9.5 more over half the judges on the last dive. I don't want to seem racist verse the chinese, it just seemed like the easiest way to make my point about what I saw.

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It's not a real sport if a judge gives you a subjective score. There I said it.

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It's not a real sport if a judge gives you a subjective score. There I said it.

He said it indeed.

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Diving is pretty bad, but I think Gymnastics is the worst.

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It wasn't really judging related, but apparently some girl in the fencing competition got screwed out of a win because the timer was started a few seconds after the round itself, which made it go past the allotted time limit. Even though she took the hit that made her lose after the round was supposed to have ended, the official decision was that it still counted as a loss for her. Was pretty shitty.

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Yeah, that does suck. Like said, gymnastics are the worst for subjectivity.

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It's not a real sport if a judge gives you a subjective score. There I said it.

Nailed it. 10/10

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Yeah I hate diving and gymnastics & all, no disrespect to the athletes but it's boring as fuck imo. You have to be like an analyst or judge or something to even appreciate what's going on which makes for terrible TV.

Still much better then dudes throwing heavy shit around...

Yeah I'm not a fan of the Olympics

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Tom Dailey is 18. I HAVE NO SHAME!

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@Vinny_Says said:

It's not a real sport if a judge gives you a subjective score. There I said it.

Nailed it. 10/10

dayum....that's the greatest reply I've ever seen.

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At least we can all agree this guy deserved all the zeroes he got 

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@Hizang said:

Tom Dailey is 18. I HAVE NO SHAME!

Pull those down a little lower please ;)

But anyways, I hate that horse back riding is considered a sport. THE HORSE IS DOING ALL THE WORK. The jockey is just along for the ride.

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@RainbowCarnage: I'm sure there's more to it, otherwise there'd be no skill differentiator at all. If you got on the horse that won a gold medal you couldn't deliver a gold medal performance. There's a skill gap there.