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Greetings Giantbomb!

Do you fellows remember kicking other bikers into oncoming vehicles? Whacking them over the head with a baton and laughing as you saw them tumble to the ground? Speeding so fast that your eyes struggled to follow the road and getting the cops on your arse?

Did you also do this in a videogame, inevitably sparing you a jail sentence? (Man, games are awesome)

Road Redemption is currently running into its last stretch on kickstarter, and I'm considering backing it. (


for those interested). They've got some sweet looking backer rewards, and I'm personally pumped as hell from seeing the promo video. Something that's always made me a bit worried about kickstarter rewards however is the notion of precisely that - the rewards. If no one else can get a hold of a particular item after release, wouldn't that then make the game inherently imbalanced? Particularly as they plan on taking clan battles into online play, making it a rather organised deal. Have you experienced any of the sorts (imbalances, "OP" stuff etc) from playing crowdfunded projects with this setup?

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Not to knock this Kickstater project, but I'd really love for Criterion to do a Road Rash re-imagining. Could not think of any outfit better suited for the task.

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It's not gonna make it, and that makes me very sad.

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Criterion would be great, alas, this is probably as close as we can get.


It is within your power to fight against that! : >

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@asrahn: Dude, they have less than three days to raise a quarter of their total. They are not going to make it.

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@greggd: We'll see. GODUS was lacking just about the same amount, and managed to close that in just 24 hours. It's amazing how the pace picks up by the end of many kickstarters.

I only pray it happens here too.

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I sort of skimmed the KS page but didn't really see anything. Why are they only asking $160k?

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This is the first I've heard of this project, shame they didn't do more to get the word out. Their goal is very reasonable and I would have loved to play a new Road Rash.

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@asrahn: Really, they made their goal? Awesome!

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They need to change the name to something like Road Rash. Like Rode cRash

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I was so stoked to hear they made it! Even the creator of the original Road Rash wanted it made!

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@greggd: Keep in mind, KS campaigns almost always get a huge push at the end.

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@jams said:

They need to change the name to something like Road Rash. Like Rode cRash

Think of this as the Red Dead Redemption to Road Rash's Red Dead Revolver.

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Love the gameplay concept, but man, get a new logo designer.