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Big Ghost Fase has entirely summed up everything I feel about Eminem's new album.

But I haven't liked Eminem for a long while.

Big Ghost is probably my favorite person on twitter. I totally expected him to trash the album but his review has made me give it a second chance. I still think it feels disjointed but it could've been a whole lot worse...

He did give it a 4 out of 5 but it seemed to be because he thought the production was terrible and Eminem wasn't. Really funny review though. He is a great writer.

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I actually really like this offering from Eminem. It's most certainly not worthy of the name MMLP2, but those first 3-4 tracks come out and bang so hard that it kind of sets the tone for the rest of the album well. There's a few duds, but the highs are so high compared to his more recent outings on Relapse and Recovery that I'd take this anyday.

Top Tracks: Bad Guy, Rap God, Rhyme or Reason [i really like how he used the sample on that], Love Game [mainly for Kendrick cause holy FUCK], Survival
Shitty Skips: The Monster, Asshole
Meh: everything else

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I'm not surprised by all the negativity, but dammit if I don't find this album to be fantastic. Bad Guy is a fantastic open, Rhyme or Reason and So Much Better are very enjoyable and a lot of the other stuff is really good. Rap God is just ridiculously good. I've always enjoyed his verses the most and these are some of his best since The Eminem Show. There are a few weak points for sure, but for the most part I think he really brought it on this album.

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Very hit or miss but at it's heights it's fantastic. Huge improvement over Recovery.

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I'm re listening to the first album, man this one sucks.