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This just came to me, doing some Jumping Jacks...

Goodness griefs best.

How do you like it? And would you like to coin a phrase of your own? Share your latest Wisdom folks!

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"Back of the box quote."

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Screaming "AHAGHJAKBHJBSAJKHXNXSJKJAMKAMK" into a pillow DOES NOT make you feel better

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"The Cardinal is on me tonight, ladies" - Best used when angry at an inanimate object like a welcome mat.

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I don't really have any fully original phrases, but I just finished watching Horrible Bosses, and "I'd like to bender her over a barrel and show her the 50 states" is totally going in my one-liner bank from this day forward.

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@rebgav said:

@Sploder said:

Screaming "AHAGHJAKBHJBSAJKHXNXSJKJAMKAMK" into a pillow DOES NOT make you feel better

Too many consonants, that's why. Vowels are the best lubricant.

OH, so that's where I've been going wrong. Cheers man.

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Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary quick looks.

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"Beeeeeeeeeecause I love you...sooooooooooooo fuck off." - best used when your girlfriend asks you why you did something.

Yes, I have actually said this to my girlfriend (specifically at a restaurant when I picked up the check for everyone at the table). She giggled immensely at it.

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"I'll fix it in post" - not actually mine, but I like using it.

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'Slice your bread, get a slice of bread. Break your bread, get a slice of life.'

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"Streets ahead"

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Better to grow a beard than to brave one's face to the frigid air of a hot Summer's afternoon in Tahiti.

Life ISN'T like a box of chocolates because every box of chocolate has a slip of paper telling you exactly what kind of chocolate each chocolate is so you know EXACTLY what you're gonna get. Forrest Dumb Ass More Like It.

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