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Was this event ever recorded and is it available anywhere on this site? Unfortunately I missed the event and I can't find it anywhere.

Nevermind I am stupid. It hasn't happened yet.

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You're kidding right?

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Hasn't happened yet.  I believe it all ends in December.

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and nothing of value was lost

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Oh god what has happened to my sense of time

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It says 12/04 right?

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It's not on the queue because there's other stuff coming sooner.

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@McPaper said:

Oh god what has happened to my sense of time

Spending too much time in the DeLorean, McFly?

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Not like this.

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Winners dont do drugs.

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some of read dates correctly and read it as the 12 of april :)

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lol It hasn't happened yet it happens in December.

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The real Star Wars Galaxies ended a long time ago. Hearing people (like the Giant Bomb crew) talking about how it looks now is kinda sad since they don't seem to realize that it wasn't always a idiot friendly game. Poor SWG, I miss when you had some depth to you and crazy costumization for the classes. .